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What is your spirit doing inside of you?

Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body (2 Corinthians 4:10, KJV)

During our last Bible study on the human spirit, I asked the question: “what is your human spirit doing inside of you?”. Think about this for a second. What is your spirit  really doing in you? What is its role? Is it only active when you are worshipping, praying, or doing some spiritual activity? Let this truth sink down in your heart. The human spirit is closer and more involved than many of us realize. We have over-spiritualized the activities of the human spirit! 

The spirit manifests itself in the operations of the soul and the body. The life of the body is the spirit. That means what makes your body live, and do what it is doing is because of the operations of the human spirit. As in our verse above, life manifests in the body. Once that life, which is the spirit, leaves, the body dies. Put your hands right now across your nostrils and feel your breath moving in and out. That is a manifestation of your spirit as life in the body!

The second domain of manifestation of the spirit is in the soul. You are able to think, feel, desire, decide and  be aware because of your spirit. That means the very existence and operations of the soul is a basic  operation of the spirit. Whether in believers or not, as long as it is a living human being, the human spirit manifests in all of us as the life of the body and of the soul.

But there is something different about a believer. He or she has a brand new, recreated human spirit. Furthermore, the Holy Spirit, God Himself, has become one with our spirits. It means the Spirit of God now can manifest in the same AVENUES of operations of the human spirit. In 2 Cor. 4:10 above, it says the life of God, imparted by the Spirit of God is manifesting in our mortal flesh, that is, this present body! Instead of ordinary human life from the human spirit, the divine life from the Divine Spirit flows through your veins, hallelujah! 

In the same way, the Holy Spirit wants to be the controller of the mind, emotions, will, and consciousness, in the manner   the ordinary human spirit does. When the Spirit of God takes over the soul, that is, is in control of the soul, this  is called “walking in the Spirit”. You see what God wants from you. He does not want you to gave up being human. He does not want you to throw your body or mind/emotions away. Rather, He wants His Spirit that has become one with you to take over your life! When your own human spirit, through the unregenerate soul, is in charge, and controlling your life, you are walking “in the flesh”, that is, living like ordinary, normal human beings. This is carnality, not always sinful, but mere human. God wants you to be spiritual, that is, controlled by the Spirit!


Do unbelievers also have a human spirit? What is the difference between you and the unbeliever?


You can see that the human spirit is closer than most of us realize. The Spirit of God is also closer than many of us realize. Do not over-spiritualize Christianity. It is not an out of  body, out of mind experience of God. It is God manifested in the flesh! Let this understanding spark a new desire to have the Spirit of God take over your mind, emotions, desires and your body like never before!


Ask the Spirit to give you a greater understanding of the human spirit and our union with His Spirit.

Please ensure you watch our last Glory & Grace Bible study entitled “The human spirit:nature and operations”.

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