As in water face answered to face

As in water face answereth to face, so the heart of man to man. (Proverbs 27:19 KJV)

As in water face answereth unto face showing a lioness drinking water

I did mention this year is a year of preparation of the heart. The next obvious question is: what are we preparing our hearts for? The answer is simple: for the glory of God that is already here and about to sweep across the earth. What does an athlete do in preparation for a race? They train their muscles. The manifestation of the glory requires us to align our hearts properly with the Holy Spirit.

Solomon speaking the verse above with the wisdom given to him from God says as we look at the water and see the reflection of our face, so our hearts reflect who we are.  Our hearts are a single entity and comprise the center of our thoughts, emotions and will. If a person’s heart reflects who the person is, then the Lord is telling us that we need only look at our thoughts, our motivations, the things that captivate our attention in life, the desires of our hearts, the feelings we keep, etc to know who we truly are.

The major issue with the move of glory, that is, a life that experiences and expresses the very presence and power of God, is that it demands honesty and truthfulness in the heart. It is not based on religion. It is ruined by hypocrisy. The visible glory is  proof that the heart is properly aligned spiritually, in holiness, faith, etc. Let  your heart indeed be the dwelling place of the Lord on the earth.


Please meditate on the verse above. Ponder upon it. Then say it to yourself again and again as you think of what it means, and especially to you.


If God says His presence demands holiness, then until our hearts get rid of bitterness, evil thoughts, evil desires, etc, we will not see that presence irrespective of the number of spiritual activities or programs we are involved in. The present state of your heart reflects how prepared you are for the glory. Prepare ye the way of the Lord in your life.


Ask the Spirit of the Lord to help you prepare your heart for Him.

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