How the Holy Spirit Works in Our Human Spirit

But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit (1 Corinthians 6:17 KJV)

The Holy Spirit works in and as our human spirit. We will unravel the mysteries in the two prepositions “in” and “as” as they reveal how  God dwells and lives amongst us, working wonders on the earth.

First, the Holy Spirit dwells in the human spirit as one with us. 1 Cor. 6:17 says when we become one with the Lord Jesus, we become one spirit with Him. Our oneness is spirit-Spirit union. Note the Spirit unites with our spirit; He does not replace our spirit. Also, note that the Holy Spirit and our spirit become one spirit/Spirit; therefore, there are not two spirits in us, but one. 

This unity is the same as the Spirit is in us, and we in  Him.  Similarly, “in” does not mean inside. Instead, the divine Spirit immerses Himself in our spirit such that we continue to exist as a distinct entity, yet so full of the Spirit of God, and therefore partaking in His nature. As a result, the spirit you have inside of you as a believer is not merely the natural human spirit as the natural man; neither is it just the  Holy Spirit. The spirit in you is the union of the Holy Spirit and your human spirit. This is the mysterious oneness of Christ and His Church!

Second, the Holy Spirit in the human spirit works as the human spirit functions except that the operations and the result are divine. For example, when the Holy Spirit speaks in your heart,  He uses the normal capacities of the soul through which the human spirit functions, such as your thoughts or that all-too-familiar inner voice of the conscience. Did you ever realize that when people say God spoke to them inside, the vocabulary they use, the sentence patterns, and the style of the words “God spoke to them” are typical of how they themselves speak? Why is this so? It is because God says to them as them! If you grow in your sensitivity and fellowship of the Spirit, you will be astounded to discover how He has been working and speaking in your thoughts, emotions, and will.

The Father wants to fill your entire being, psychologically and physically, yet without erasing you from the picture. He wants people to see you, yet it is not you they see but Christ!

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You probably can tell I have struggled to condense volumes of truth in the devotional above. Could you reread it to ensure you digest every bit of it?

The Lord’s desire is for us to be immersed in a total experience of His presence and power both psychologically and physically. His Spirit on the earth is in you and works as you to reveal  God in human beings!

Ask the Father to open your understanding to the revelation discussed above.

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