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Three Types of Eyes

The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light. (Matt. 6:22 NKJ)

Three types of spiritual eyes image showing an eye ball

The eye allows us to see the things that are around us. Jesus says in the scripture above that the eye is the lamp of the body, because the eye allows light to come in. The eye brings a  unique awareness of the reality around us, and there is a unique experience attached to that reality which is different from the awareness brought to us through our ears.

For example, there are things we would rather see and not just hear about. You would probably prefer to see your potential spouse than to hear a thousand words  from a Shakespearean play, even with its exceptional verse!

The first type of eye is the natural eye, the physical eye we all know about.

The second type of eye is the mental eye, the eye of the mind, expressed as both intellect and imagination. The eye of the mind is able to see things, conceive them, and bring them into physical reality. The mental eye is special in that it can project into the strange world of the unreal, whether physical or spiritual, and see things which are not yet real.

The third eye is the spiritual eye, the eye that sees spiritual realities. The natural eye sees natural realities, but there is more to life than the natural realities we see around us. There is a world of the spirit that is beyond the scope of the natural and the mental eye.

You cannot see God with the natural eye or the mental eye. As the physical eye brings an awareness and a unique experience with physical reality, so the spiritual eye brings an awareness and a unique experience with spiritual things. Understanding is a spiritual eye. The eye that sees visions and dreams is a spiritual eye.


What does Jesus mean by a “good eye” above?


Use all of your eyes to your advantage, and most especially your spiritual eyes.


Ask the Lord to open your spiritual eyes of understanding and visions today. Eph. 1:15-17, Ps. 119:18.

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Amina Athumani
Amina Athumani
7 months ago

Thank you Sir for your time to change our generation may God bless you! I have great desire to experience the real life of being born again but I fail many times! Am looking for Spiritual helper to guide me.

Atta victor offin
Atta victor offin
9 months ago

Is very helpful guide

Usinode omonye
Usinode omonye
1 year ago

Thank you I appreciate.

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