Three Types of Eyes

The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light. (Matt. 6:22 NKJ)

Three types of spiritual eyes image showing an eye ball

The eye allows us to see the things that are around us. Jesus says in the scripture above that the eye is the lamp of the body, because the eye allows light to come in. The eye brings a  unique awareness of the reality around us, and there is a unique experience attached to that reality which is different from the awareness brought to us through our ears.

For example, there are things we would rather see and not just hear about. You would probably prefer to see your potential spouse than to hear a thousand words  from a Shakespearean play, even with its exceptional verse!

The first type of eye is the natural eye, the physical eye we all know about.

The second type of eye is the mental eye, the eye of the mind expressed as both intellect and imagination. The eye of the mind is able to see things, conceive them, and bring them into physical reality. The mental eye is special in that it can project into the strange world of the unreal, whether physical or spiritual, and see things that are not yet real.

The third eye is the spiritual eye, the eye that sees spiritual realities. The natural eye sees natural realities, but there is more to life than the natural realities we see around us. There is a world of the spirit that is beyond the scope of the natural and the mental eye.

You cannot see God with the natural eye or the mental eye. As the physical eye brings an awareness and a unique experience with physical reality, the spiritual eye is the organ of perception and the experience of spiritual things. There are different subtypes of spiritual eyes. First, the eye of understanding that sees divine realities in the scriptures( Eph. 1:18, Luke 24:25). Then there are prophetic eyes. which see visions. And there is the eye of faith(2 Cor. 5:7).


What does Jesus mean by a “good eye” above?


Use all of your eyes to your advantage, and most especially your spiritual eyes.


Ask the Lord to open your spiritual eyes of understanding and visions today. Eph. 1:15-17, Ps. 119:18.

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    1. Wonderful! It will be our pleasure to show you the ways of God, help you find Jesus, and help you grow spiritually.
      We have many free resources to help you on our site.
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  1. I am very scapula about saying anything about my spiritual anything I have had so many encounters with many types spirits. I am 99% sure God has been the one mostly contacting me helping thorough these tough times.
    I have written many Christian Church groups and or blogs asking for help I have tried to explain many of the miracles and or things that I have encountered in the last 9 years and unless you are a 100% believer in God then the things that I tried to explain to these Christian fell on deaf ears as if they do not really believe in God because if they did I would have at least have gotten a response back but all I got was silents from them.
    I read on line that the devil enters you through your eyes and for me that’s not true.
    I use to have 3 lights or 3 orbs in my eyes yes I truly have lights in my eyes I have had 3 that interact with my thoughts. Here is what l am truly astounded is about 2 years ago I acquired another light now this for sure is a spirit.
    This is how I acquired my 4th light in my eyes, I was up late at night like I always am now since God introduced himself to me I never sleep good anymore this is what took place I was watching YouTube and I see to the right of me is a brilliant color ORB it starts slowly moving from right to the left it crossed in front of my face and stopped as I am looking at it all of a sudden it comes at me so fast I had no time to react and it entered my left temple and I felt it do it I saw it past through my left eye into my right eye I actually felt it enter my temple and I saw the orb move though both eyes.
    This is just 1 encounter I have many encounters with spirits.
    I am sure this information is falling on deaf ears and eyes because everybody thinks I am full of something I am not and because my truth is never believed I asked God for help in speaking to him and what do you know I the spirit eye well it’s not fully open yet I still need to work on it. How do I know I have it because I saw it manifesting after talking to God about nobody listening to my emails or just completely ignoring my emails I saw it there is was just clouds with bright lights flashing behind the clouds mostly I hear it’s a purple color but mine was brilliant white light.
    I got my 3 lights about a year after god introduced himself to me and has been the biggest part of my life ever since I think about him all the time.

    1. Hi James. Thanks for visiting and dharanya those experiences with us. You are clearly having spiritual experiences there.
      Ad you mentioned, you are having “encounters with many different types spirits “. The big question is this:

      Are these spirits God? That is, the God of the Bible?

      I am curious to know what made you 99% sure this is God.

      Satan and demons can interact with people and create spiritual experiences.

      From everything you have described, this is clearly not from God.

      If you know God as your Father, you will immediately know things that are from Him.

      If you are seeking to know if these experiences are from God, then the simple answer is no, they are not from God.

      The next step would be to break free from these spiritual influences and stop their activity in your life.

      Have you accepted and confessed Jesus as your Savior and Lord?

      These are some articles that might be of help to you

      Succubus and incubus demons: not the same experiences as you are having but will show you demonic activity amongst us.

      If you are not yet saved, surrendered your life to Jesus as your Savior and Lord, this is how to be saved:

      How demons work miracles


      Please feel free to reach out to us with any concerns or questions about finding freedom.

      1. That’s very interesting that you think that none of this is God related because from my understanding we actually know very little about what kind of power’s God possess now I believe in the Bible but we read a interpretation of actual accounts that happened years ago in different time’s do you think that God has remained the same now he knows everything and adapts and uses us for many purposes and just because what issues I have encountered and I explained just a fraction of them and since my 1st attempt to enlighten you failed my other experiences will remain my experiences.
        I just go about my life thinking about God all the time he crosses my mind more than anything.
        That’s all I have to say.

  2. Thank you Sir for your time to change our generation may God bless you! I have great desire to experience the real life of being born again but I fail many times! Am looking for Spiritual helper to guide me.

    1. Hello Amina, thank you for visiting and writing to me. I am glad the Lord has brought you to this site and I will be more than pleased to guide you to experience the new and wonderful life in Christ. I see you have subscribed to our devotionals and that will be of great blessing to you. You will find FREE teaching resources here on this site and on our TV site Deshen TV Our Youtube channel is Deshen TV. I will send an email to you with a copy of our Book the Devotional Life FREE to you and will encourage you to read it through. Keep in touch with me using the email address I will use to let me know of any difficulties you are having and I will be praying for you here. Jesus loves you so dearly and He longs for you to know the new life you are hungry for. That is why I am here and will guide you to that by God’s wonderful grace. Blessings there. Patrick.

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