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What is the Human Spirit?

“His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish” (Psalm 146:4, KJV).

what is the human spirit

There is a spirit inside of you (Job 32:8) called the human spirit by which we contact God and God contacts us. But what is the human spirit? The answer to this question will remain bewildering without enlightenment from the Spirit of God.

The scripture above gives us a remarkable description of the constitution of man in three distinct phrases, each corresponding to the three parts of humanity. “His breath” refers to his spirit. “He returneth to his earth” refers to the body, and “his thoughts” refer to the soul. It becomes obvious that when the spirit departs, the body vanishes and the thoughts perish. That means the human spirit is the support of the human body and mind.

One of the greatest misconceptions of the human spirit occurs when we call it a “force,” “influence” or some “animation.” Yes, the human spirit can be all of these, but it is much more. The same misunderstanding results from referring to the Holy Spirit as a force or some godly influence. The Holy Spirit is not a force, but a being, a person. The human spirit is not an influence or some force within you. It is a spirit being ― the real you! It functions in the body, through the mind (soul), as you think, feel or make decisions. It is the spirit man that God seeks to save. It is the spirit man that feeds on the Word, grows strong and subdues all earthly circumstances presented to you.


Take a moment and think deeply about every sentence written above, as this is surely strong meat from God’s Word.


Be conscious of the reality of the spirit in you, starting today.


Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to better understand the human spirit inside of you.

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