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What is the supernatural?

The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit (John 3:8, ESV)

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I began a series last week on our weekly Glory & Grace Live Bible study on the supernatural, which we will continue this week. It is crucial we understand this word because our Christian life from start to finish is supernatural. So what is the supernatural?

If we break up the word into its two constituent parts, we get “super” and “natural”. It merely means events or manifestations outside of the natural or laws of nature. Some laws govern our natural universe. This is the domain of science. However, there is a sphere of existence that is outside of the natural universe called the spirit. This realms can exert control over the natural universe and produce events that we cannot explain by the laws of nature. This is the supernatural.

Jesus explained to us the operation of the supernatural in the  verse above. He uses the wind, which is invisible but whose effects are clearly visible. Think of Hurricanes!  We cannot see the spirit realm, but we can see events in the natural that are contrary and beyond the laws of nature.

The supernatural is NOT the same as extra-ordinary natural. For example, the gift of the word of knowledge is not some extra-ordinary human ability above the normal. It is supernatural, the Spirit operating in the natural. Also, the supernatural is not always spectacular. It can look very ordinary, but it is supernatural. Many of us fail to recognize the supernatural in our lives because we think it is always spectacular. Some of you are getting “abnormal” results in your businesses right now. You do what everyone else is doing but realize you get results that others do not. It may appear NORMAL, but you might not realize it is the blessing of the Lord, causing the natural to behave in an “abnormal way”. You just have to be sensitive to recognize when God shows up in ordinary ways!

God has called you to live a supernatural live 24/7. It may be spectacular sometimes, and it will not be most of the time. Learn to walk with the Spirit daily and see supernatural results every single day!


Is the supernatural always from God? Can demons also cause supernatural events?


The Lord wants you to walk in HIS  supernatural every day. Our glory as believers is our access to the Spirit of God and our ability to bring His power and presence into our daily lives. Walk daily in the supernatural, whether spectacular or not!


Ask the Father to make you grow in your daily walk in the supernatural. 

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