The Naturalization of the Spirit

Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation. (Isaiah 12:3 KJV)

What if you have free access to experience and enjoy in the natural world everything in your spirit? If our spirit could freely manifest naturally, then no believer will ever be depressed, because there is joy unspeakable and full of glory in their spirit. Similarly, none of us will ever be sick because our spirit is loaded with the power that created the universe. This expression of the spirit or Spirit in the natural is what I call the naturalization of the spirit[SB1]  in this devotional. It should be immediately apparent why this is such a crucial topic for you and me.

God uniquely created human beings to exist and function in the spirit and the natural world. The human heart, like a gate, is the mysterious connection between the spiritual and the natural. The natural world is our normal dwelling place; it is the realm we are consciously connected with. It comprises our inner immaterial life (emotions, thoughts, will), the outer physical body, and the entire natural world around us. Contrariwise, the spiritual realm is the realm of God, the angels, and demons. The gate or wall that separates the natural and the spiritual is the state of our hearts.

God desires to dwell and function in the natural realm. He already dwells in the spirit—the spiritual realm—of every believer. He wants His presence and power to fill our soul, body and the natural environment around us. However, there is a gate He must open to cross from there to here. Similarly, He is in our spirits as wells of living water, and He wants us to draw from the deep well of His presence and power in our spirits(Isaiah 12:3). This naturalization of the spirit means rivers of living waters flow from our spirit (the spiritual) into the natural. Nobody on earth benefits from rivers shut within the spirits of believers. Until that river becomes available in the natural to touch people’s emotions, minds, bodies, etc., it is essentially of no value to those who live here.

How then can we bring God’s presence from the spirit realm into the realm where human beings dwell? I already mentioned the key: the heart is the gate. The state of our heart (our conscious natural inner life) determines what can come through that gate. I will list a few crucial heart states without details but with the relevant links to read more. First, surrender (yielded will); a hardened, disobedient heart is like a giant rock that blocks the gate. Second, the eye of understanding. Third, faith, especially believing or accepting the truth of what God says. Fifth, declaration. Words spoken from a heart that has believed is heaven’s method of giving natural reality to spiritual things. Sixth, heart states such as joy, peace, etc. Note how joy is like a rope in Isaiah 12:3 that we use to pull water from the deep wells within our spirits.

Why continue to suffer from depression when there is an overflow of joy locked up in your spirit? Why continue to endure demonic oppression when the power in your spirit will crush all of Satan’s power in an instant? Furthermore, why endure another day of spiritual emptiness and dryness when there are rivers of God’s presence in your spirit? Can you imagine, for an instant, what the Father thinks when He sees us cry and mourn over circumstances with power and glory locked up in our spirit? We are indeed more than conquerors. Keep renewing your mind, yielding to the Spirit, feeding on the Word, and spending time in fellowship with Him. The world is not ready for what the Father is about to do—the manifestations of His Sons! (Romans 8:9).

What is the naturalization of the spirit as described above?

Does God find it easy to open the gate and move from your spirit into your soul, body, and environment? What could be hindering Him? Unbelief? Resentment? Fear? Disobedience? Filthy thoughts? Resolve to remove all obstacles today. Decide to let God flow out like mighty rivers from your spirit into your soul, body, home, Jobsite, neighborhood, church, etc.

Ask the Spirit to help us always open the gates of our hearts to Him. 

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