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God Reveals Himself Through You

Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son… (Heb. 1:2 KJV)

god reveals himself

God reveals Himself to His creation because this is the only way we can really know Him. He’s chosen different methods at different times to reveal who He really is. The scripture above says God has spoken unto us “by His Son”. The phrase “by His Son” is the best way to articulate the intent of the original Greek. In the original text, though, the Greek words are “in a Son”, as seen in the NET Bible. But why is this important?

The subtle difference between “by His Son” and “in His Son” might appear inconsequential, but there is a critical difference. Moses, for instance, received the laws from God and taught the people about God, so the Lord revealed Himself by Moses. However, Jesus did not reveal God primarily by teaching about who God is. He showed us who God is. His very life, how He spoke, acted, and interacted with the people was the revelation of God. He was a walking and talking revelation of Who God is. God revealed Himself to us “in a Son”. This idea is difficult to translate from the original Greek to English.

Do you realize that knowing Him is God’s ultimate plan for your own life? He wants so much more than for you to know or teach people about God. He wants to make your very life a revelation of Himself. He wants to reveal Himself in you!


You are also a son of God. Declare that “God is revealing Himself to the world in and through me”.


Be conscious of who you are. God has a great plan for your life. As you go through your day, remember that you are the light of the world, showing the world who God is.


Thank God for the wonderful privilege of making you a revelation of Himself. Ask the Spirit to help you grow more Christ like every day.

Biblical Studies Press. (2006). The NET Bible First Edition Notes (Heb 1:2). Biblical Studies Press.

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