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What is Justification?

Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 5:1 KJV)

Glory & Grace Daily devotional for yesterday reviewed the meaning of the gift of righteousness. Today, we will look at the definition of a related term called “justification”. In Romans 5:1 above, we are told that we have been justified by faith. What is the meaning of justification?

The verb “to be justified” means to declare someone as righteous or  “to be or become judicially vindicated as having complied with the requirements of the law (of God)”. Just like righteousness, it is a legal term. Let me walk through the legal process  to bring home the meaning of this important word.

God has moral requirements or laws for human beings. If there is a question if someone has broken the law or not, the process of trial begins, which is an investigation to determine if the individual has truly broken the law or not. After the trial, the person might either be found guilty of breaking the law or non-guilty(acquitted). The Judge then comes forth to pronounce the verdict of the trial. If the individual is guilty, the judgment pronounces their verdict as guilty and condemned. If they are not guilty, the Judge declares that they are right and were not found to have broken the law! The Judge declares them justified! 

When you stand before God in Christ, God declares you non-guilty of breaking any of His commands! He declares you as being fully compliant with all His standards and requirements. How can this be? The blood of Christ! Hallelujah!


What is justification as explained above? Please declare the verse above to yourself again as you think upon it.


You have been justified in Christ by faith as you believed He died for your sins and rose up from the grave. This is the primary purpose of our faith, to believe in Christ for righteousness and life. One of our greatest difficulties today is to believe in the righteousness we have in Christ. Shake off that heavy load of guilt and burden of trying to get yourself justified and rejoice in your justification in Christ.


Thank the Lord for the gift of justification by faith.  

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