Chosen and Ordained

Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit.. (Jn. 15:16 KJV)

chosen and ordained

What a remarkable statement above, that Jesus has chosen and ordained you to go and bear fruit! You probably thought only clergymen were ordained. God only ordains ministers, and every believer has been ordained as a priest to minister to Him!

The first formal ordination of the priests is documented in Exo. 29. There were three major elements used in the ordination process: water to wash their bodies, oil to anoint their heads, and blood for the sanctification process. For the believer to serve God, all three elements must be part of the ordination ceremony. Upon completion of the sanctification process, we are set apart for God and become holy, consecrated, and no longer common!

When the Lord called you at salvation, you were not only chosen to know the Holy One, but you were also ordained to serve Him. We know that the oil used in the ordination process represents God’s anointing, yet, we still often think of the anointing only as it applies to the ability or power for service. However, the anointing of the priests, and you in this context, came with more, including consecration. The day you were saved, you received the Holy Spirit, and were cleansed and consecrated to come before God. Furthermore, He has empowered you to live, and produce fruit with your life. You are chosen and ordained to be fruitful in life!


Why do believers have to be ordained to serve God? ( Rom. 15:16). Declare that “I am chosen and have been ordained by God to be fruitful in life”.


You have been empowered to be fruitful. It is not just your choice or strength, but a heavenly choice and mandate! Set your mind this day to be fruitful in all things.


Thank Jesus for choosing you, and for setting you aside for Himself.

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