Being justified freely by his grace

Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:  (Romans 3:24 KJV)

justified freely by his grace showing the a justice balance

Justification by grace is the root and foundation of our faith and salvation in Christ.  I cannot overemphasis the importance of fully understanding this truth and believing it to the letter. 

The word “justification” connotes a legal setting. Imagine there is a court of law and someone is accused of having broken the law. The person is brought before the court and put on trial to evaluate the case, to determine if they have truly broken the or not.  After the trial, a decision has to be made, either they are guilty of breaking the law or they are not guilty (vindicated) of breaking the law. If they are tried and not found guilty, they are declared to be in right standing with the law or justified.

Let us apply this simple scenario to our justification in Christ.  It means God’s heavenly court reviews our case against God’s standards of righteousness, and then finds that we are not guilty even on one count of breaking God’s law. In fact, they find that we are in perfect alignment and standing with God’s highest standards. The court then rules and declares that we are in right standing!

One aspect that believers often miss in this: justification does not mean declaring someone who is sinful as righteous. It is not as though God “sees” us as righteous though we are truly not. No! We pass the test not because God assumes or chooses to see us that way. We pass the test because He actually scrutinizes us and finds no fault or sin! The reason is not the believer. The reason is the Savior and what He did for us!


What is justification?


Do you truly believe what I have written above? I have come to realize many believers assume they believe this, whereas we truly do not. Please ensure your heart fully understands and accepts this critical truth.


Thank the Lord for the blessing of being justified by His grace.

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