What Daily Devotions Do To You

If you instruct the brethren in these things, you will be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished in the words of faith and of the good doctrine which you have carefully followed. (1 Tim. 4:6 NKJ)

Daily devotions showing Bible and a calendar

Your devotional life is like an umbilical cord that keeps you connected to the Source of life in your spirit, so that you will experience and enjoy the life God has designed for you. It is a pivotal component of our practical, daily fellowship with God. It is not everything in itself, but a crucial part of it all.

The experience of many believers is that of intermittent victory, with ups today and downs tomorrow. The saddest part is that we have come to agree that this is what the Christian life should look like. Please remember that our experiences as Christians are not the scripture. It is up to us to know the truth and align our lives to it.

There is not a single one of us who questions the necessity of good daily eating habits or exercise. However, good eating habits or exercise only deal with the body. And interestingly enough, your victory, or true joy and peace in life as a believer, are not from your body but from your spirit.

There is a spirit inside of man, and that spirit is what carries the life of God. If you want God’s results, that is where your focus should be. God wants you to nourish up your spirit with the Word constantly, as Paul instructed Timothy in the verse above. Build a solid devotional life, start enjoying eternal life, and resist the opposition imposed by the pressures of life.


Why is meditation in the Word so critical? Jos. 1:8, 1 Tim 4:15


If time with God alone is not part of your routine, do not go to bed today without setting aside a moment with God!


Pray that God will give you wisdom to know how to manage your time and establish a solid devotional life.

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