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Filled with the Holy Spirit by the Word

While Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the word (Acts 10:44 KJV)

During  last week’s interactive Webinar  on  the Inductive Bible Study”, I mentioned that . For many believers, when they hear of “Bible Study”, they think of “studying”, “academics”, “scholarship”, “intellectual”, “more knowledge” etc. We should change this manner of thinking if we want to gain the benefits of the Word.

Two major things happen during an effective Bible study. The first is that you are FILLED with knowledge.  I chose to use the word “fill”  to tie it to what I am about to say. Everyone who reads or study any piece of literature and understands it gains or is filled with  knowledge, whether christian or not. However, something else happens when study the Bible. 

When Peter spoke to Cornelius and those at his home, they heard the words Peter spoke and the Holy Ghost fell on them. They were filled just as the Jewish beliers were filled in Acts 2. They heard the Word and were filled, no laying on of hands. This is what should happen to you when you receive the Word, or gain knowledge of it. Bible study should not merely be an intellectual exercise. It is an intense moment of being filled with the Holy Spirit—with joy, wisdom, power, etc.


Space will not allow me to fully explain to you the mystery I have just shared above. Please take a moment, reread this devotional as needed, double check what is written in it, ponder upon it and believe it!


I had known about being filled with the Spirit in my time of prayer. It made me pay attention to prayer. However, I never realized  I get filled with the Spirit as I study or  just read the scriptures.  May the Lord cause your Bible study time to not be a dead intellectual activity but an intense encounter with the Holy Spirit every single time!


Ask the Spirit to help you recognize and cooperate to make Bible study a time of encounter with Him.  

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