Understanding Spiritual Noise and Quietness

But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price  (1 Peter 3:4, KJV)

In the eyes of God, a quiet spirit possesses immense worth. Our Heavenly Father cherishes and delights in spiritual quietness. He invites us to be still before Him, acknowledging His sovereignty and entrusting Him to fight our battles. Let us explore the significance of this spiritual quietness.

In our lives, “quiet” speaks of freedom from noise. We often speak of quiet times or quiet places. However, there are two types of quietness to consider—external and internal. External quietness pertains to our surroundings and physical activities, while internal quietness relates to the state of our hearts. So our environment can be quiet just as our hearts can be free of noise.

Spiritual noise is not audible sounds but rather the fears, anxieties, and restlessness that can reside within our hearts. An anxious heart breeds inner turmoil, akin to resounding loud music within our souls. While external noise has its place, God is primarily concerned with the quietness of our hearts—the inner sanctuary where our thoughts, emotions, and desires reside.

God’s instructions to Israel in Exodus 14:14 to be silent were not solely about external noise. He desired them to cultivate stillness within—to let go of their fears, worries, and restlessness. Similarly, in Psalm 46:10, when He called us to be still and know, He invited us to embrace inner quietness and find true rest in Him.

Spiritual quietness is a treasure that the Lord holds dear. Learn to nurture a serene and tranquil heart before God, regardless of the challenges you face each day.


Take a moment to reflect upon 1 Peter 3:4 in light of the insights shared in this devotional.

Apply the Word

Examine the state of your spirit—are you characterized by quietness or noise? A heart burdened with fears, cares, concerns, worries, and restlessness cannot experience a vibrant and healthy walk with the Spirit of God. Be still, and you will come to know that He is God.


Ask the Holy Spirit to empower you to cultivate a spirit of stillness and quietness in your relationship with God.

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  1. Thank you Man of God ,Am really glad to have found this wonderful spiritual social network platform as am seeking God’s divine knowledge than ever before after the sudden lost of my beloved sister (Prisca)last July 2023 ,my life has not been the same ever since …as am still contemplating on the truth about the life after death .I slowly loosing hope for life .

    1. Hello Patrick. Thank you for visiting and sharing your story with us. Saddened to read about the passing of Prisca, and to hear of the tremendous toll that has had on your life. That is a profound loss for you. At such times, we need the Holy Spirit to give us the strength to endure and continue. And the good news is, He is your Helper, every present. I want you to do something really simple but profound. Just pray this prayer in your own words “Dear Holy Spirit, I hand over to you the grief, pain and distress in my heart right now over the death of Prisca. Give me the strength to endure and go through this, and fill my heart with joy and peace that are beyond human comprehension. I depend entirely on your help in this difficult times for me. Thank you for loving me, and always being present to help me.” AFter saying those words to Him, let Him do what He alone does: Let Him take care of it, while you rest. Believe that He heard you, and leave it to Him. Instead of despair and hopelessness, trust Him like a child. And see what happens when we hold our peace and let Him go to work. He knows well what to do to restore your hope, mend your broken heart, revive your passion and joy for life. I just prayed for you and prayed over this message after writing it. Please read it prayerfully again the second time, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me using the contact us form on our website above.

  2. Thank for the msg I have learned so much from your Daily Devotion, and still craving for more, I Praise the Lord for your life Dr Patrick Oben💕

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