The fear of the LORD is a treasure in your heart

And the Spirit of the LORD will rest on Him…..the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the LORD. (Isa. 11:2 NAS)

One of the tragedies that have happened to many believers in these days is the apparent erosion of the fear of the LORD. You might hear some say things to God or about God in a manner that they will not dare to the president of the United States. God does not lose His reverence or splendor in our eyes by becoming our Father. The fear of the LORD is that holy reverence, honor, and respect for God in our hearts.

The Spirit of the LORD brings the spirit of the fear of the LORD into our hearts. One of the key manifestations of the fear of the LORD is given to us in  Proverbs 16:6 “…by the fear of the LORD one keeps away from evil”. The fear of God in the heart of a man will keep that man from doing evil, even when no one else is watching. Put the fear of God into a man’s heart, and you will have that individual walk in righteousness and holiness wherever they are. It is the fear of God, and not the “fear of other believers”, or the “fear of pastors and church leaders” that keeps a man from evil. And this fear is not the slavish fear of punishment or terror, but the holy reverent fear that honors God.

Guard the fear of God in your heart and do not let it go.

MEDITATE-the fear of the LORD

Take a moment and let those words sink into your heart. Is the fear of God still intact in your heart, based on the devotional above?


Ask the Spirit to ignite the fear of the LORD in your heart or cause it to fan to flames.


Begin practicing the fear of the LORD today. God is big-really big! When we shall see Him as Isaiah did, we will all fall prostrate before Him in holy reverence and awe. You probably have also heard some say they have many questions that they will ask God when they meet Him. The day they meet Him, those questions will certainly run away from their minds and they will be speechless! God in His infinite grace and love has condescended to meet us where we are. We should not lose our reverend fear, respect, and honor for His Majesty.

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