Unleash divine favor in your life today

To the praise of the glory of His grace, which He freely bestowed on us in the Beloved. (Eph. 1:6 NAS)

Divine favor is not a doctrine to console ourselves while going through the hands of life’s unkind circumstances. It is a practical experience of God’s  unmerited kindness in your life, showing up in your relationships, health, finance, family, job, ministry etc. You should expect to see God’s favor show up practically in your life otherwise it is of no value to you on this side of eternity.

There are many of God’s precious children out there working really hard to receive God’s favor or His blessing. It is one of the biggest mistakes we can ever make with regards to living in the blessing of God-trying to get it. The scripture above says God has ALREADY freely bestowed grace, His unmerited favor on the believer in Christ. The first thing to do in order to unleash divine favor in your life today is to stop trying to earn it. Stop trying to “get blessed” by trying to do the right things, such as tithing, giving, praying, Bible reading, attending church etc. When the MOTIVATION  of these things is to earn God’s blessing or favor, then they will lose their real value.

Two things stand between you and the practical experience of divine favor today. They are revelation and faith. You need to have a revelation of who you really are not a Christian trying to get blessed or favored, but God’s highly favored one who is living out the blessing. Once this revelation of the Word hits home, it triggers faith for you to believe it. If you can only know and believe who you are, and stop trying to have something you think you do not have, you will see divine favor start showing up in everything you touch.

MEDITATE-Divine favor

Meditate by pondering and muttering the scripture above. Revelation and faith stand between you and where God wants you to be. Get His Word to sink into your spirit.

PRAYER-Divine favor

Earnestly and sincerely ask the Father to show you what Jesus did for you. This is a revelation. Do not try to do what Jesus already did for you. This is works.

ACT!-live in Divine Favor

The knowledge of God is experiential. You do not know it yet until you have experienced it. Divine favor is still mere knowledge to you until it has taken a hold of you and starts showing up in the things that concern you. How do you unleash that favor? Stop trying today. Seek revelation of His Word on the subject. Believe and act on what God has said. Some believers do not see it because they do not expect it. You are encompassed with divine favor BECAUSE you are in Christ. It is up to you to unleash that favor today.

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