How to believe the Word of God

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ. (Rom. 10:17 NAS)

Can I learn how to believe the Word? Yes, you certainly can! Many believers struggle with their faith life and wonder how on earth they can make their hearts  “just believe the Word”. They want to be “really certain” about the Word with full assurance but realize that they are not as confident in God’s Word as they want to.

Most Christians do just the wrong thing to build up their belief in God’s word-they TRY to make their hearts believe. You do not believe the Word by trying to “convince yourself” or “make your heart” believe. Faith is not human manipulation of the heart and mind to convince yourself that God’s Word is true. Faith is imparted into our hearts by the Word of God. You do not need to struggle or try to believe God. All you need to do is get God’s Word in your heart-it carries faith in it. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the Word of Christ. As God’s word enters your heart and dwells richly inside of you, faith will spring forth like a giant.

Stop trying to “get faith”. Rather, start getting God’s Word into your heart. It will impart faith into your spirit and make you a faith giant.

MEDITATE-how to believe

Think on the verse above. Are you struggling with believing the Word? Are you always asking yourself if “I could  just be a little more convinced of the truthfulness of God’s Word?” Study and meditate on God’s Word.


Faith does not come by prayer. You cannot pray faith into your heart. Faith comes by the Word. God has wrapped up faith in the package of the Word to you. Ask the Holy Spirit to help inspire a holy hunger for the Word in your heart.


The first thing to do in a challenging situation is to locate God’s Word addressing that an issue and meditate upon it until it has filled your heart with faith leaving no room for unbelief. If you have been wondering how to believe the Word more than you currently do, it is an indication you are sensing that your spirit has not yet taken a hold of the reality of God’s word. The therapy for unbelief is the Word. Take God’s medication consistently!

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