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Give Thanks unto the Lord

O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever (Ps. 107:1 KJV).

Give thanks unto the Lord

A thankful attitude will deeply impact your life. It is a blessing, a weapon, and a tremendous tool to activate the supernatural in our lives. As you appreciate what others in your life have done for you, and realize what they mean to you, your heart softens, so it becomes very difficult to be bitter.

One of the first steps towards ruining a relationship, is the failure to see anything in the other person to be thankful for. The inability to thank the Lord for the people in our lives is a red flag, and we should not allow it to continue. Thankfulness is a choice, and we can re-activate it at any time. Furthermore, our gratitude towards those we see around us reveals our true attitude of gratitude towards the Lord.

Our God is good, and has always been good to you, so it is fitting for you to give Him thanks. As you look back on the year, stop and intentionally thank God for the things you have and for what you are. Thanksgiving is intentional. You will be thankful when you consciously identify the good things the Lord has done for you, and others around you, and then acknowledge Him with gratitude and appreciation.


Think of just two things that you are thankful the Lord has done for you this year. Also think of two things that you are thankful for from friends or loved ones. Remember the blessings in your life from those around you.


Thanksgiving is more than just the everyday “thank you” to someone. Thanksgiving begins with an appreciation and gratitude from within, as you recognize the impact of what someone did for you.


Open your mouth right now, and thank the Lord for things you recalled above. Pray that you will be a reason for someone else to give thanks to God.

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