Understanding the Holy Spirit 

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom (2 Corinthians 3:17, ESV)

An understanding of the Holy Spirit is critical for an intimate fellowship and walk with the Lord. If we know who He is and how He operates in our lives, we can fully cooperate with Him. There is one thing that is certain to happen to you as you grow in your walk with the Spirit—your life will skyrocket into the realms of glory with a rich, intimate fellowship of God’s presence and remarkable expressions of His character, wisdom, and power.

Two key truths amongst others will help you fully understand the Spirit of God. The first is the mystery of the Trinity, and the second is an understanding that the Holy Spirit is the Presence and power of God. The verse above tells us that the Lord is the Spirit. It is an emphatic statement calling the Holy Spirit the Lord, that is, God. He is the Presence of God. God is present and lives somewhere by His Spirit. The Holy Spirit, therefore, is God Himself. He is a Person, the Divine Being.

He is also the power of God. Many of us get locked into the box of thinking exclusively about “power for working miracles”. This is a major obstacle to understanding the Spirit as the power of God. Yes, miracle-working power is inclusive here, but that is not all. By “power”, it means first and foremost the power that sustains His Being. His power sustains His divine being, just as your human spirit provides the vital power that sustains and keeps your body alive and your mind existing and working. There is power that sustains God’s being, His thoughts, emotions, etc. That power behind His being is the Spirit. And the mystery of the Trinity is that not only is the Word that God speaks a distinct, separate divine being, but the power that sustains His being, and ultimately creates and works miracles also exists as a distinct divine Being!

I will be teaching on this devotional on our next live Bible Study this Thursday. You can always find the recording on our site if you cannot make it live. Be sure to grasp this teaching fully.


Is God’s power limited to working miracles only? Look at Heb. 1:3 and see an important function of power besides miracles.


Seek to understand the Holy Spirit. He is the key to an enjoyable fellowship of God’s presence, intimacy with the living Christ, power, and wisdom to make you an enviable success, etc.


Ask the Spirit to reveal Himself to you as you open your heart to know Him fully. 

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