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How to provoke an encounter with the Holy Spirit

While Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the word (Acts 10:44 KJV)

I have one objective in mind as I write each devotional or preach any sermon. It is to bring you to an experience of the presence and power of the Living Christ through the Holy Spirit. Let me quickly share three ways you can provoke encounters with the Holy Spirit. 

The first option is through fellowship in prayer. Prayer is a mystery. Whenever your mind is turned into the mood of talking with God, something supernatural takes place inside of you that activates the operation of the Spirit in your heart. Please learn to pray. Prayer is more than a time for asking things from God. It is fellowship with God during which time there is an impartation of wisdom, power, joy, visions, etc.

The second option is by the Word. When Peter was speaking above, the Spirit fell on all those who were hearing the Word. I never knew that God’s presence and power could be encountered through the Word until the Lord began opening my eyes to it. May this change your perception of Bible study. It is not an intellectual exercise. It is a time to be filled with the Spirit! That is why you read or study the Word and get pumped up with power or joy!

The third option is through impartation by another believer. This occurs when the Lord uses another believer or minister to impart something to you, eg through laying of hands or even listening to their sermons. 

These three options are not mutually exclusive. Use all of them as the Spirit leads.


Do you experience God’s presence and power regularly?


This is the good news: you do not have to wait for a revival service, special retreat, an anointed servant of God, etc to encounter the Spirit.You can live in God’s presence and power every day. I have shown you three options above to put to work. The choice is yours!


Ask the Spirit to put a fiery desire in your heart for  an intimate fellowship with Him. 

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Joe P. Moiguah
Joe P. Moiguah
4 months ago

This short message is very helpful. I am trem

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