God’s Medication to Change People’s Hearts

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it? (Jeremiah 17:9 ESV)

Jeremiah prophesied thousands of years ago that the human heart is desperately sick. We need not look around us to verify the truthfulness of this prophecy; a quick peek inside of us, into our own hearts,  will reveal how they often misbehave to our astonishment. Humans have changed the world, but changing ourselves continues to defy mere human effort.

Some state correctly that the heart of the human problem is the human heart. The evil, wickedness, suffering, and sorrows in human societies can be traced back to one place—people’s hearts. We are an astonishment to ourselves. Our nature is a mystery to us—we sometimes have desires we do not want, yet we are hopeless and unable to get rid of them.  A heart-broken wife will pay any price for a  medication that will treat the adulterous feelings in the husband’s heart as antibiotics treat most bacterial infections.

Similarly, the U.S. Government will likely be willing to pay any price for a pill that will decriminalize the hearts of the approximate 2 million people in U.S. jails and prisons. In reality, there is such a medication, though not fabricated by our typical pharmaceutical companies.

Hebrews 4:12 says the Word of God is living and powerful and able to penetrate human hearts, producing genuine positive changes. This is not religion, including empty Christian religious formalities. It is the mighty moving of the Spirit of God in people’s hearts when they understand, believe, surrender, and receive the Word of God.

Take God’s prescription, and take it often. It will begin by changing your own heart before changing others.

Reading the Bible is a crucial first step to taking God’s Word in your heart. Reading Through the Bible Online Conference is scheduled this Saturday! Reserve your seat today!

Why is it so difficult to change our attitudes and habits? 

God’s Word works. But for it to be effective, it has to be taken in, understood, believed, and received. The problem is that many of us never truly take God’s Word inside or do not know how to do so. God’s Word will change your heart and the world around you through you. Take it in.

Ask the Father to cause His word to grow mightily and prevail!

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