Two Important Dimensions of Living

Behold the proud, His soul is not upright in him; But the just shall live by his faith (Hab. 2:4 NKJ).

Two dimensions of living you should be aware of

Living by faith describes the life of every believer. But what does it mean “to live?” There are at least two fundamental meanings that are important to understand.

The first and foundational meaning of the verb “to live” in our context is best conveyed by the word “alive,” which contrasts it to being dead. To live means to receive life and pass from death to life. Think of Lazarus, whose body lay lifeless in the tomb. Jesus called him forth and he started to live again. This process of receiving life and moving from death to life is also what took place when Jesus came into our hearts. We received God’s life and started living spiritually.

However, the second meaning of the verb “to live” has to do with continuing to exist and manifesting that life. This is best described by the word “walk.” For instance, when you make decisions in what to say or do you are manifesting life. This is the part of living that is under your control. You choose what to say, do, or think. This dimension of living is what God wants you to surrender to Him. It is the second dimension of living that determines our experiences here on the earth.

Therefore, though every believer by birth has received eternal life and is therefore alive in God’s presence, not every one of them is living practically in that presence. Surrender fully to the control of God’s life in your spirit and begin to enjoy your full benefits as a child of God.


How can you apply the two meanings discussed above to the phrase, “The just shall live by faith?”


Be intentional towards allowing the Word of God to control your words and actions more and more.


Ask the Spirit to assist you in putting to work the life that you received by faith when you believed. Pray that He will cause you to see practical results in your Christian life.

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