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There is a Spirit Realm

By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible (Hebrews 11:3, NIV)

I believe the greatest ignorance of our generation, the most enlightened human generation that has ever existed, is the ignorance of the spirit realm. It is a pain of the scientists, the philosopher, etc. It is the glory of the believer and your secret to a supernatural life full of astonishing victory after victory.

There is a spirit realm. This realm is very different from what we have known since birth. However, it has significant similarities, as the physical natural world was created from that spirit realm. Just as the physical world,  there are beings(persons), things, processes, activities, place, etc in the spirit realm. Yes, there is activity going on right now in that realm.

The scripture above says that there are things which are visible and others which are not visible. The spirit realm cannot be perceived with the physical senses. However, its effects are palpable and visible on the earth. Think about the wind. You cannot see it, but you see the trees moving. The importance of the spirit world is that it   AFFECTS what is happening in our natural world. And as a believer, your advantage in life is that you know and have access to God’s power and wisdom from the spirit realm to command changes in your natural world. The unsaved do not have this privilege. It is a long story and this devotional is too short to explain why this is so.

The Word of God is your mirror to the spirit realm. Learn to “see” the invisible as you feed on that Word constantly to open your spiritual eyes.


How was the visible world we know created from m the verse above?


Two spiritual powers rule over the earth now— the divine and demonic. You have access to God’s resources, the greatest of all. I repeat that your advantage as a believer is that you can bring spiritual resources to change the physical world in your life. This is why you should invest in your relationship with the Lord.


Ask the Lord to open your eyes and help you begin to “see” the invisible 

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