Your guardian angels God assigned to protect you

For he shall give his angels charge over thee, To keep thee in all thy ways (Psalm 91:11, KJV)

Psalms 91 has been the Bible chapter for the season. It is a remarkable promise of divine protection and rescue for His people in times of crisis. In verse 11, the Psalmist says God “shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.” Let me begin with the word “charge.”

God gave His angels a charge concerning you. The word “charge” is loaded. It is more than just a command to His angels to protect and keep you. A charge basically means God has given a mandate to His angels to protect and told you  to ensure that you are protected! It is a charge that carries both the command and the responsibility to ensure it is fully executed! So there are angels right now that have received a charge from the Father to protect and rescue you.

Angels are spiritual personalities. There are millions upon millions of them and are of different spiritual ranks and authorities. Not all of God’s angelic host has been assigned to you. However, there are some angels who have been assigned specifically to you. Michael was assigned to the nation of Israel in the book of Daniel. Elisha and his servant had a multitude of the angelic hosts around them. Whether it is one or a multitude, the major truth is that God has assigned angels to protect you, and they have been charged to ensure you are protected.

But there is one issue to address. I have never seen my guardian angels! I am sure this is a concern for some of you. I have never personally had a vision of angels or seen them around me. If the Lord allows me to see them, I will gladly welcome that vision, but I DO NOT NEED a vision of angels around me to know they are there. I have seen angels around me in the Word, and that is enough to walk in this truth! If I can repeat this statement a million times, I would. There are some of our brethren who are blessed with angelic visions and some ministers will talk to you about it repeatedly. This is a blessing but the unintended side effect is that many believers end up waiting to have such visions before believing what God has said to them. Please do not make this mistake. The truth that applies to the operation of the Holy Spirit in your life applies to the angelic guards around you. If you believe the Word and act upon it, angels are empowered to operate in your life. For example, if you believe what I have just shared in this devotional, the angels assigned to keep you will rejoice because you are putting them to work and carry out their divine charge!

Be conscious of the angels around you.


Do you have to see angels around you to believe God has assigned angels to protect you? 


I want you to see the angels around you now with your eyes of understanding. Did you understand and believe what I just shared with you above? If you did, that is an eye that has just seen those angels! There are some of you that God will open your prophetic eye to see visions of an angel. But as shared above, do not wait for this. See with your eye of understanding right now and enjoy the protection of heavenly bodyguards!


Thank the Lord for assigning angels to protect and keep you every single day.  

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