The mystery of the Word, the words of God and Jesus!

IN the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1, KJV)

What is the relationship between the words of God, the Word, and Jesus? What does the scripture mean when it says the Word was God or Jesus is the Word of God? John 1 above has a store of mysteries revealed for us about the Word of God.

It begins by “in the beginning was the Word”. As I shared before, please note He did not say, “in the beginning was the words of God”. The term “Word” in John 1:1 is not referring to words or the scriptures. He is not saying that God’s words in the form of scriptures were already existing. In the next few verses, it becomes evident that what John called “Word” in verse 1 is not words but a Divine Being or a Person who was and is God. 

If you have grasped this first mystery, let us now look at the relationship between the Word and the words of God. Why did God call Himself, or this Personality of the Godhead the Word? What is it about human words that He is trying to use to communicate the mystery of the Word to us? For brevity, I will say this. Human words are a mystery. They reveal the heart of man. You make known what is in your feelings, thoughts or even will by words. The keyword then in our human words, is “revelation”.

The Word is God revealed, God gone forth, into His creation. The words of God are words God has spoken to us in different ways to reveal His Himself or His will. The Word of God is revealed in words, and that is the origin of the scriptures. Remember, that scriptures are not the only revelation of God. Creation by itself is a revelation of God. The Divine Being called the Word was God from the beginning. He first revealed Himself in creation. Then over the centuries, through the words of the prophets and other servants of God, He revealed Himself in tiny bits over time to form the Old Testament. Then something happened!

The Word, the Divine Being, who has been revealing Himself to Israel in different ways became a human being as in John 1:14. Remember I have already taught about this. The Word became flesh DOES NOT MEAN the Word took up a human body. It means He became a human being, in His entirety, meaning spirit, soul and body. The same Word that is  God now became a Human Being. His Person, His entire being, was a REVELATION OF THE INVISIBLE GOD. This Human Being, who was fully God the Word and fully a Human is Who Jesus is. Jesus, the Word become flesh, also spoke words. Can you see the link? The Word spoke words! Words are a critical way the Word is revealed to us human beings. The Word is in the words that He speaks. Jesus, the Word made flesh is no longer on earth. His words, as preserved for us in the entirety of the Bible, is the complete revelation of God and His will for us that He wants us to know. This is what is called the Logos! The Word is in the scriptures. If you want to know Jesus or  want Him  reveal Himself to you, pay attention to the Word.

The Lord is calling the Church to the Word. It is the secret to our spiritual maturity, a fuller knowledge of God and our rod of authority to rule. The next wave of the move of the Spirit on the earth requires the Church to be established in the Word. It is the season for the manifestation of sons, not just children of God. My the Lord send a famine and fervent hunger into your soul for the Word!


I have struggled to keep this devotional short while discussing such a profound subject. Please ensure you have understood the relationship between the Word, the words of God and Jesus as discussed above.


Please do not be carried away with the excitement in Christianity. Do not feed your spirit with empty human words or inaccurate revelations of scripture. You need the pure unadulterated Word of God. Devour the Word like a hungry man!


Ask the Spirit for a fresh hunger in your spirit to engage in the Word of God like never before. 

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