Oh How Love I Thy Law

O how love I thy law! it is my meditation all the day (Ps. 119:97 KJV)

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Psalms 119 is a beautiful piece of literature centered on prayers and reflections on the Word of God. It is an acrostic Psalm, meaning the entire chapter is divided into sections of eight verses which start with the same Hebrew alphabet. For instance, the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet is Aleph, and the first eight verses of this chapter begin with Aleph. This pattern is indeed not apparent in our  English versions, but some Bibles versions will divide this chapter into the different Hebrew letters. 

The Psalmist begins the section for the Hebrew letter mem( m) with the beautiful words  “O how love I Thy Law.” How beautiful it is for a person’s heart to love the Word of God! Please note this verse is not saying the psalmist expressed his motivation or mere desire to study the Word of God. He was verbalizing his love for the Word of God. This is a piece that I find missing in a lot of believers. Many are still trying to encourage themselves to read the Word or meditate. Their hearts have not yet fallen in love with the Word of God. Loving the scriptures is an entirely different experience. When your heart loves His Word, you will not require encouragement from others to study the scriptures. On the contrary, you will crave the scriptures. How I pray the Lord helps you develop a love for His Word!


The Psalmist meditated on the Word all day long. Yes, you can do this. You can keep God’s words in your mind throughout the day. Please take a moment now to meditate on the words of the verse above by justing thinking through them.


Love for the Word is born in our hearts by the Word! If you want to fall in love with God’s Word, keep feeding your heart with the Word and a fiery passion and hunger for the Word will build up inside you.


Could you ask the Lord to help you love His Word?

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