Living by the Word of God : the two flows 

But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. (Matthew 4:4 KJV)

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God gave us the Word for us to live by. The ultimate purpose of the devotional life is to live by the Word of God. What does it mean to live by the Word? Well, it does not mean one thing only in scripture. I often think of two flows (the flowing of the Word as water) of the Word when it comes to living by the Word of God: the inward and outward flow.

The inward flow describes the Word of God coming into a person’s heart to impart life, that is, receiving the Word as discussed two days ago. The Word quickens or imparts life to those who are dead when they receive it. That is what happened to us at salvation. The Word came in and gave us eternal life. The Word is also what sustains and nourishes us as Jesus said in Matt. 4:4 above.

The outward flow describes expressing or acting out the Word of God. This is living by exercising the life we have. When you obey or do what the Word of God in your heart instructs you to do, you are living by it. For example, when you choose to rejoice, you are acting or living by the Word and exercising the divine life.

God gave us His Word to live by it. Take it in to receive its life and sustain  us. Release it as you act or do it. The singular purpose of the devotional life is to position us to live by the Word of God.


What does it mean to live by the Word as mentioned above? 


Receive and exercise the life of the Word. Both flows are important. When you read these devotionals, study the Word or listen to a sermon, you are receiving the Word. When are facing a situation and decide to not be anxious as  the Word says, you are exercising the life of the Word and thus living by the Word. When you do, rivers are gushing out of your bellies to change the circumstances of your life!


Ask the Father to help you live by His Word in all respects. 

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