My son attend unto my words

My son, attend to my words; Incline thine ear unto my sayings (Proverbs 4:20, KJV)

Solomon was speaking as a father to a son. This piece of counsel applies to every one of us today, whether a daughter or a son. Solomon’s counsel was not mere human advice to listen to the wise instructions he was giving. It is the Word of God in his mouth to all of God’s children. The LORD is commanding us to pay attention to His Word and incline our ears to His sayings.

How do I attend to the words of God?. We pay attention to something by giving it our focus and care. There are at least four domains in the Word that the LORD wants us to pay attention to. The first is to ensure you continually receive the Word. That means you should make sure you are growing in your knowledge of His Word.

The second dimension is to attend to understand. This means as you read or hear the Word, make sure you give it the attention required to ensure you understand what it is saying. I have already stressed the importance of this phase in other devotionals.

The third dimension is to attend to believe. Believing the Word is not spontaneous. You can understand something without believing it. Pay attention to believe the Word.

The last dimension of attention is to do what it says. The LORD told Joshua to be careful to do everything that is written( Jos. 1:8).

Child of God, pay attention to the Word, for your life on earth is a reflection of how much of it has taken hold of your life!


How do you pay attention to the Word as described above? What areas do you struggle with? Would you say you are paying attention to the Word?


The Word you do not know, understand, believe, and do will benefit you nothing. Start thinking of what you will do with this truth right now. Pay attention to do what it is saying!


Ask the Spirit to help you develop an attitude that pays attention to the Word. 

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  1. Thank you so much Doctor for this Word of Truth being shared, it is an eye opening devotionals. It helps a lot!

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