The Love Language of Jesus

If ye love me, keep my commandments (John 14:15, KJV)

Dr. Gary Chapman’s insightful work, “The Five Love Languages,” reveals the diverse ways we perceive love. In parallel, Jesus’s love language is distinctly communicated through our obedience to His commandments. This obedience is more than a duty; it’s a profound expression of our love for Him.

Our adherence to God’s Word profoundly reveals our heart’s true contents, especially our love for God. While grasping God’s love for us is foundational, it’s only half the story. An exclusive focus on God’s love, neglecting our reciprocal love for Him, leads to a skewed understanding of our faith. Love is a two-way street: God’s unwavering love lays the foundation, and our response, rooted in genuine affection, builds upon it. The ultimate expression of love for God is singularly clear—obedience to His Word.

Obeying God isn’t always about undertaking herculean tasks; it’s about aligning our will with His, no matter the scale of the directive. It’s an attitude of surrender, a commitment to following His guidance in all things. For instance, Jesus teaches us to avoid slander against fellow believers, to forgive freely, to be anxious for nothing, to pray without ceasing, to support the needy, etc.

For some, like Paul, obedience meant embarking on missionary journeys. For the Samaritan woman, it involved leaving behind immoral relationships. For Abraham, it meant the ultimate act of faith—preparing to sacrifice his only son. The essence lies not in the magnitude of the task, but in its alignment with God’s will.

Worship and praise are languages of intimacy, ways to touch God’s heart deeply. However, our actions must harmonize with our words. Songs of adoration with tears lose their meaning if contradicted by our actions.

Remember, the Lord holds you dear, and He yearns to see your love for Him expressed not only in words but also through your actions.


Reflect on how you express love. How does this compare to how Jesus perceives love?

Apply the Word

Consider your love for Jesus. Are your actions and words a source of joy or sorrow to Him? Before acting or speaking, ponder on how it affects Jesus’s heart.


Ask the Spirit to strengthen you to speak Jesus’s love language—Obey His Word.

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