Receive all of Jesus

 He came unto his own, and his own received him not. (Jn. 1:11)

Jesus came unto His chosen people and they did not receive Him. They neither recognized Him nor accepted what He had to offer. We receive Jesus when we accept who He is, and what He has to say and offer to us. The day we get born again, we commonly say that’s the day “I accepted Jesus”. It is obvious that no matter what one has to offer, it is of no value until it is received. Jesus came to the Jews with an offer of salvation and eternal life and they did not receive Him. They rejected what He had to offer to them. This pattern is still seen in the world today.  Sadly, believers can also be caught in this snare without knowing it.

We became children of God by accepting the salvation Jesus came to offer to us. Many believers end up accepting only part of what Jesus has to offer. The first scenario is when a believer accepts Jesus as Savior, but not yet received Him as Lord. Jesus came to save us from our sin, but He is more than a Savior. He is Lord and Master, who has control over the affairs of our lives. There is no Christianity except Christ is on the throne of power over our lives. We cannot run our lives, as we feel and want, and call Him Lord. We should not only receive Him as Savior but also receive Him as Lord.

Secondly, salvation is not limited to freedom from Sin so we can escape hell and spend eternity in heaven. Doubtless, as believers, we have all being saved from sin and will be spending eternity with Him.  But Jesus has more than the freedom from sin to offer to us. Some believers have accepted Him as Savior, and even Lord but not yet as their Provider. Others have still not yet received Him as their Healer. Yet others still do not see Him as their Protector. Faith is very specific. The fact that we believe Christ as our Savior from sin does not necessarily mean we believe Him as our Healer when we are sick. Yes, the same faith that believes in salvation from sin is the faith that believes for provision for our needs. But we must first receive Him as Provider for us to see any results.

You will only experience and enjoy what you receive.  We receive when we accept and believe. The entire package of salvation is for you, so why allow ignorance and unbelief to rob you of your benefits in Christ?  Receive all of Jesus and not part of Him! The same Savior that is Lord is also Healer, Provider, Protector, Counsellor, Helper, etc.  What you see in Him is what you get! Jesus is the fulfillment in our lives of the Jehovah Titles of the Old Testament. Jesus is Jehovah Nissi, Rapha, Shalom and all that Jehovah revealed Himself to be for His people. Reciting these Jehovah titles without this understanding of their fulfillment in Christ to us is of no practical value.  Receive Him in all His fullness!


The Word in your mind and mouth (1 Tim 4:15; Josh 1: 8)

What is Jesus to you?


Water the Seed (word) to grow. Invite the Spirit’s strength! (Isa 32:15; Zach 4:6)

Ask the Lord for grace to receive all of Jesus.


Your door to a blessed life today is doing God’s Word. Refuse to be a hearer or reader only! (James 1:22-26)

Is there a part of your life today that you have not yet received Jesus into? I am not referring to becoming born again. Do not be deceived to think God is not interested in any aspect of your life. Could it be your finances? What about your relationships? Your job and career? Receive Jesus in every aspect of your life. Take a step today. Invite Jesus to come into that area of your life. Let Him bother with the details, while you simply trust, obey and praise Him for a life of victory!

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