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The Lord is my Shepherd

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want. (Ps. 23:1 NAS)

A shepherd feeds, guides, and protects the sheep. The “Lord is my Shepherd”, which means He performs the role the shepherd does in my life. It is His responsibility to feed, guide and protect me from all predators around.

Notice the verse above did not say “the LORD is a Shepherd” but the “LORD is my Shepherd”. The “my” is very important because it denotes a personal relationship. God is a Shepherd, but not to everybody. If God performs the role of feeding, guiding and protecting you, then He is YOUR Shepherd. Christ has shed His blood to bring us into a new covenant relationship with the Father. Those who received Christ have become children of God. They have a  personal relationship with Him. He is not only their Father but performs the role of a Shepherd to them. In Christ, you can boldly say “the LORD is my Shepherd”.

If the LORD is your Shepherd, you will not lack anything. He is the Good Shepherd and knows how to care for His sheep.


Think deeply on the verse above, and let it sink into your spirit. God is the One responsibility to care for you as the shepherd cares for the sheep.


Thank the LORD at this time for being the Good Shepherd in your life.


The light switch to turn the power of the Word on is acting according to what God has said. If God is your Shepherd, then relinquish every responsibility of being your own shepherd. Why should two of you be worrying about where to find pasture? Enjoy your life as His sheep, and let Him do the part of the Shepherd, as He says He will. It is your birthright as a child of God to have your Father meet your needs, otherwise, why should He be called Father? Rejoice in your Shepherd today.

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