The Earth Shall be Filled with the Glory of the LORD

But as truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD (Numbers 14:21, KJV)

The LORD made the decree above while the nation of Israel was still in the desert going through very troubling times of disobedience and judgments. Israel was so faithless and disobedient that it might have seemed as if there is no hope for humanity to ever walk with God. Amid the dismal human failure and frailty, the Lord spoke one of the most gracious divine pronouncements about His plans and purposes. He says the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD! He gives us His best when we were at our worst.

What does it mean that the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD? What comes to your mind? I want you to think about this? Are you imagining some strange supernatural lights flashing across the earth? Or a large pillar of fire  that reaches to the sky and gives light to the entire earth? Is this what Lord is talking about? When the Lord talks about the greater glory coming in these last days of the Church, is He referring to the fact that we will see supernatural phenomena in Church services? Absolutely not! What this glory is far exceeds these external supernatural manifestations!

The glory of God for the believer in Christ is not some physical, external manifestation. It is the presence and attributes of God in the believer being visible as the believer! This is the astonishment of the mystery of God’s glory in us. It is Christ in you. It is God immersed in your being, being visible— as you. That means the God who is invisible will become visible in the earth, not as a cloud or fire but as you! He will completely fill our entire being such that as we  live, it will not be us  living but God though it will be us! You will speak, and when people hear you talk, they will be hearing the full wisdom of God. When you interact with people, the love of God will be fully displayed in your character. Imagine talking to demons as God speaks to them, with such power and authority. Remember that John 1:14 tells us that Jesus is the Word made flesh and the glory of God revealed for people to behold. He was not walking with lightning around His head or some strange fire. The Father was revealed in His person. His character, behavior, way of talking, acting etc were  a revelation of the fullness of God. This is what God wants to do  you in your life.

When believers become completely filled with the Spirit, meaning completely taken over by the Spirit so that the full nature of God is now visible in and through them, God will be visible on the earth. Imagine the millions of Christians everywhere fully manifesting God this way. It will nothing short of glory upon glory, light shining all over the earth! Indeed dear Father, let your will, desire, and delight be done in our lives as your Spirit renews our inner man to be metamorphosed so we would be visible expressions of the invisible God!


Test your understanding of what I have explained above…what does “arise, shine for the glory of God is risen upon you mean? ( Isa. 61:1). Does it mean some strange light will be seen upon you?


God is calling you to come up higher. Arise, shine, and fill the earth with the glory of the Lord!


Pray in the Spirit that the will of the Father will be done in your life and in the Church. 

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