The darkness cannot overcome your Light

The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it (John 1:5 ESV)

Light is used figuratively in the scripture to refer to different spiritual things. Three principal figurative meanings are life, manifestations of life, and knowledge. In the verse above, the term light specifically refers to the life that was in Christ, that is, God’s life. That life is Jesus Himself, so the Light in this verse is a Person, the very person of Christ.

Jesus as the Light shone on earth when He was alive and living amongst men. The shining of His life was the fact that He was living and manifesting and revealing the Father. He lived in the midst of the darkness of sin, sickness, oppression, fear, poverty, evil, Satanic oppression, and all the manifestations of darkness that was around Him but that darkness could not overcome His Light. That means that as He was shining, expressing, and manifesting the Father’s life in righteousness, love, peace, health, etc, nothing could stop Him or quench that Light. He was beyond defeat and was indestructible.

As the Father was in Christ, so Christ is in you. Your very life is the Light in the midst of the darkness of the world. That means your very person living on the earth is a light that manifests and reveals all the wonderful qualities of God’s life. And darkness, the evil, fear, sin, disease, demonic activity, etc cannot overcome you. Just as the Master, you light cannot be quenched. You are indestructible and more than a conqueror!


What are the three examples of figurative meanings of Light mentioned above? Can you think of verses in the scriptures where Light is used for manifestations of life( eg joy) and knowledge?


Let this consciousness should become your normal way of thinking. The darkness cannot overcome you. If Satan can convince you to accept that you are just like any other human being, at the mercy of life’s circumstances, then you have already lost the battle. Here is God’s Word for you: the darkness around you cannot overcome the Light in you. Receive and run with this Word!


Thank the Lord for the Light that is shining forth from you. 

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