One of Satan’s tricky strategies

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14 KJV)

Satan's tricks showing a man with a bulb

Satan has been deceiving human beings from the Garden of Eden. His cunning has worked so well that he has not changed his strategy since then. Paul says above that Satan has transformed into an angel of light. Why does Satan do this? Why does he come as an angel of light rather than Satan, the prince of the angels of darkness? 

The message in this verse is very powerful. Satan often does not come to us as Satan but as an angel of light. If he comes as Satan, we will not want anything to do with him. He comes as something or someone we trust. The word “counterfeit” summaries this tactic. It means there is an original we know and trust. He comes as something similar to the original, which is not the original and leads us astray. 

For example, Satan knows you fear God and will respect any message that is coming from God. If he comes to you as a witch doctor with a message from the gods, you will probably immediately reject it. He will come to you with a false prophecy. When you hear prophecy, your guards will most likely be put down, and you are most vulnerable to his attacks. His best strategy is to come against us as an angel of light.

We must not be ignorant of his strategies. The Lord says, be sober and watchful. 


What would you do if Satan comes to you as Satan and makes you an offer? Have you ever seen Satan? Do you know he has come to you often, not as Satan but as something you know and trust?


The most dangerous and fatal attacks against the Church are not from persecution outside. They are from inside–false brethren, false ministers or false teachings, prophecies etc. Be sober, and let the Lord fill you with discernment not to fall for his schemes in your life or in the Church.


Ask the Spirit to help you be sober and watchful. 

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