You are the sheep of His pasture so eat!

Know that the LORD Himself is God; It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves; We are His people and the sheep of His pasture. (Ps. 100:3 NAS)

God has pasture for His sheep. The pasture is created and designed for the sheep. Pasture represents God’s provisions for our needs and is only of value if there is sheep to graze upon it. We are the sheep of God’s pasture. That alone should make your ears tinkle! You are the one to enjoy God’s pasture.

God has designed faith to be the lifeline of the Christian life. You will not experience it until you believe and receive it. It has to become your consciousness that you are the sheep of God’s pasture. God takes delight in the prosperity and well-being of His children. What a paradox that we find this truth so hard to believe! It is far easier to believe God will judge and punish us for our sins than to believe He is willing to bless and show us goodness. Interestingly enough, since we do not often believe it, we do not see it. Our minds get renewed by the Word of God as we meditate daily until we start thinking like God does.  Did you know that healing is not for heaven because there is no disease in heaven? Financial prosperity is not for angels because there is no poverty in heaven. These things are meant for the “here and now”. You are the one God designed these things for. You are the sheep of His pasture. He made these things for us to enjoy. He came to give you life and that abundantly. Live today with this reality inside of you.


Could it be that there is pasture for you that you have never grazed upon? God made the pasture for you. Let your mind meditate on that verse above in light of the above devotional.


Ask the Spirit to open your understanding to know pastures that have been laid out before you.


The keys to your pasture are revelation and faith. Many believers are “wasting their precious spiritual energy” trying to make God give them pasture.  God does not want you to make Him do things anymore. He wants you to receive what He has already given. The New Testament is full of God’s voice saying ” I have already done it!”. Let revelation and faith mature you to the full possession of your inheritance. Whatever you know and believe in the Word opens like a door before you. Dare to believe God against the odds today. There is pasture, and you are the ordained sheep to feed on that pasture!

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