He Brought You Out So He could Bring You In!

And he brought us out from thence, that he might bring us in, to give us the land which he sware unto our fathers (Deuteronomy 6:23, KJV)

Moses reminded the Jews that the LORD brought them out of Egypt so that He could bring them into the promised land. It shows us God’s purpose for the nation of Israel in bringing them out of Egypt. The deliverance from Egypt was terrific. The experience of coming out of Egypt, their land of slavery and pain, was undoubtedly unforgettable and a dream come true. However, coming out of Egypt was not God’s ultimate plan for them. It was wonderful, but it was the beginning. He brought them out of Egypt so that He could bring them into the promised land.

This historical occurrence has a remarkable analogy with our lives in Christ. Christ has brought us out of the kingdom of darkness into light, out of death to life, out of the power of Satan into the power of God. His ultimate purpose in our lives is not merely to free us from sin or death, just as God’s purpose for the Jews was not mreely taking them out of Egypt. Christ ultimate purpose is to bring us into life, into the light of God, into the joys of our glorious inheritance. God did not create you to be fighting with sin, the devil, disease, poverty, fear, anxiety, all your life. There is a time that some of us will go through some of these challenges. There is a time when we might fight with sin, but God’s plan is for you to start living in righteousness. There is time when we might fight with Satanic oppression but God’s plan is for us to live and enjoy freedom.

Deliverance is wonderful, but the purpose of deliverance is to bring us into freedom. So if we spend all our lives fighting with sin, Satan, bondages, etc., we will never really enjoy what the Lord has promised for us in this phase of our lives in our mortal bodies.

Remember, His ultimate purpose in your life was not to deliver you from sin or Satan. This was only a means to bring you into freedom, life, and light! He brought you out so that He could bring you in! Start living life with a mindset of those who are in, and not those who are always trying to  come out!


Why does God bring us “out” of certain things?


The Lord did not call you to be fighting with Satan all the days of your life! He called you to live for Him, and subdue Satan when he shows up! Similarly, He did not call you to be struggling with this bondage or that all your life. He wants you to experience freedom. Do not spend all of your Christian life fighting against sin or Satan. Grow in the faith and start enjoying eternal life to the full until it overflows! 


Ask the Lord to help you come out fully from every bondage so that you can get into what God has prepared for you. 

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