The Two Future Types of Resurrection

 And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt (Dan. 12:2 KJV). 

The prophet Daniel  was given a vision of the days we are living in, and even further down the road to eternity. He was told what will happen on the day of resurrection. The angelic messenger told Daniel there will be two types of resurrection—those who will resurrect to life and those who will resurrect to eternal condemnation.

I want you to use your imagination and think of this day. Everyone who has died will be brought back to life and given a new body. The soldiers who pierced Jesus will resurrect and see Him as King and  Judge.  The Roman emperors who vowed to eradicate Christianity will resurrect and see Him as the Judge.  Those who rejected Christ will arise from the dead and see Him as Master and Lord of all. The believers will also resurrect and see the Jesus of their faith standing physically before them.

The sad truth is that many people will be resurrect and given a body that will be fitted for eternal damnation in hell.  The world needs to hear the Gospel. Death is sure, and the coming judgment even more real. It is disheartening to see many people reject Christ and flood to eternal destruction. They have the power while they are alive. They choose what to believe. They choose their lifestyle. But as soon as death comes, they discover their human will power suddenly comes to an abrupt end and their fate is no longer based on their philosophies, preferences in life or their worldview.

Jesus is coming, and the days we are living in are a constant reminder that the day is close. As a believer walking faithfully with the Lord, you should be looking forward to a resurrection with a glorious body to the fullness of eternal life!


Will the atheist be resurrected? Will there be a second chance for people to modify their philosophies about life, the existence of  God or the reality of the salvation brought by Christ after death? 


Any of these days, the trumpet of God will sound. Your primary concern is not to know the exact date, but to be prepared at all times. If the Lord returns during our days, those of us still alive will be suddenly transformed into our glorious bodies without death. If He does not come during our days, we will be resurrected from the dead with a glorious body on that day. Are you ready to meet with the Lord? Be prepared at all times.l to stand before Him.


Pray that the Lord will grant you the grace to be prepared at all times for His coming, especially living in righteousness and occupied with the Father’s business. 

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