Seeing Jesus in the Scriptures

And their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight. (Luke 24:31, KJV)

No one encountering Jesus remains unchanged. To be fortified, transformed, and advance in your faith, you must see Jesus and keep your eyes on Him constantly. But what does it mean to see Jesus?

For many years, I prayed for Jesus to appear to me physically, like He did to Paul or as He does to some Christians today. I believed that if I could see Jesus or even angels, my unbelief problems would be solved. I was mistaken. It wasn’t long before the Spirit of God spoke powerful words to my heart, changing my life and ministry. He revealed that His primary purpose for me was not to see Jesus physically, but to see Him in His Word.

Embracing this lesson, my eyes were opened by His gift of wisdom and the spirit of knowledge. He showed me that my ministry’s purpose is to build His Church, to help His saints see Jesus and be transformed. This journey taught me that the Spirit unveils our eyes to perceive Jesus in various ways—through prophetic visions and dreams, and through understanding. Both are essential, but the Word of God builds faith like nothing else.

This realization raises a question: have you ever wondered why Jesus doesn’t just appear to every believer to boost their faith? Or why He doesn’t appear to all unbelievers to convince them? The answer is simple: faith doesn’t come primarily by sight but by the Word of God. God wants people to believe His Word. His goal is for Christians to behold Jesus in the scriptures, be grounded in faith, and be transformed into His likeness.

May the Lord give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in your knowledge of Him so that your eyes will be opened to see Jesus. 


Reflect on why scripture uses the word “eye” to describe prophetic visions and understanding.

Apply the Word

Seek Jesus in the scriptures and also desire to see Him prophetically. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you, and believe Him as a child, knowing He hears your prayers and will answer. Then prepare to see Him in His Word!


Ask the Spirit to open the eyes of believers to see Jesus.

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