How to Increase God’s Presence in Your life

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen (2 Corinthians 13:14 KJV) 

Though God’s presence, the Holy Spirit, dwells permanently in every believer from the new birth, that presence manifests naturally in our lives in various manners and degrees. We can—and definitely should—grow or increase in our practical experience of the presence of God.

God is spirit, and so by definition, we cannot naturally feel Him using any of our natural senses. However, He wants to bring His presence into the natural realm in ways we can perceive with our minds and body. Yes, you can feel God’s presence; some of you have felt the joy or peace of His presence in your heart or the bodily cool or warmth of His embrace or power over your body. You do not need to see Him bodily in some vision or appearance—the invisible Holy Spirit wants to be fully visible in your heart, body, and life experiences!

To increase God’s tangible presence in your life, grow in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, your devotional life of prayer and the Word, and your walk of holiness. The fellowship of the Spirit is practicing God’s presence by communing with Him all day. Together with a habit of regular prayer and filling your heart with God’s Word, this practice will overwhelm your life with God’s presence daily!  Besides, a practical experience of God’s presence in our lives or any congregation mandates holiness in our hearts, words, and actions.

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As discussed above, what is the meaning of increasing God’s presence in your life?

Apply the Word

There is one thing I now dread the most in my Christian life: living without the practical fellowship of the presence of God. There is no more fabulous treasure in Christianity than living with God’s invisible yet tangible presence with us. May the Lord cause you to increase His glorious presence in your life this year.


Ask the Father to help you put to work the three primary means to increase His presence, as discussed above.

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Nanono Charity
Nanono Charity
5 years ago

I love this. Thanks dears