How God Opens Our Spiritual Eyes 

Then the Lord opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way… (Numbers 22:31 KJV) 

Spiritual eyes showing a baby closing her eyes

The Lord showed me clearly that a significant aspect of the ministry He has given to me is to open the eyes of His people to see Jesus in the Word. Once Jesus is seen, the believer is transformed into Christlikeness and brought into the experience of His power and presence( 2 Cor. 3:18).

As a result of this ministry directive from the Lord, I have a particular interest in spiritual eyes. If you have not yet done so, please ensure you read the Deshen Daily titled “what are spiritual eyes?”. This devotional examines how God opens our spiritual eyes.

God opens our eyes through His two operational arms—the Holy Spirit and the Word. Opening our eyes means He enables us to perceive or experience spiritual realities; for example, in Numb. 22:31 above Balaam saw an angel standing before him after God opened his eyes.

When God gave us the Spirit, He opened our eyes to see and experience Him. After the Spirit comes into our hearts, He gives us gifts that open our eyes. First, He gives us understanding which is an eye in the Spirit to know God( Eph. 1:18). Second, the Spirit brings the spirit of prophecy, which opens our eyes to see visions as John did in the book of Revelation or Balaam in Num. 22:31 above.

Interestingly, the principal means by which the Spirit opens our spiritual eyes( especially the eye of understanding) is by the Word of God. Let this sink deep in your spirit—the Word of God opens our spiritual eyes(Ps. 119:130).

Therefore God opens our eyes through His Spirit and His Word, and the Spirit, in turn, opens our eyes through spiritual gifts and the Word.


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What does it mean for God to open our spiritual eyes? 

Apply the Word

Vision or seeing is crucial in the realm of the Spirit. Put this devotional to work. Understand what is written in it, believe it, and press forward with it until it becomes a reality in your life.


Ask the Father to open your eyes right now to bring you into intimate knowledge and fellowship with Him.

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  1. Am speechless seen wonderful teaching and wonderful reply to people questions,More anointing sir,am inspired with all I read today, promise to always check on your page.please pray for me am facing difficult phase of my life, I believe your prayer will help thanks

    1. Praise the Lord! The Lord uses these resources to enrich your walk with him. I have prayed for you that the Lord will break every resistance, opposition and attacks hindering your wellbeing and progress from the powers of darkness. It is well. Blessings.

      1. Sir I’m Lucky wisdom Edirin by name I once have this gift of prophecy before,I was really seenig different things in this world and I pray for people and by the grace of God almighty they always receive answer
        But at once I lost this gift
        And now my life is really going on a better way that’s how I’m going to use the word because I can’t say my life is really going bad
        So please I need what I will do for this gift of God to come again into my life

        1. Hello Lucky. Thanks for sharing that with me. God does not take away gifts He gives us. He does not give us gifts and then take them away. Usually, when He stops operating in us through a gift, something has gone wrong. You’ll need to start from there, asking Him sincerely to help you know what happened. For example, if God shows us things through prophecy and commands us to do things, and we repeatedly disobey, He will stop talking to us. So if we do not respond appropriately, the gifts die down. If that is the case for you, you will ask the Lord for forgiveness and ask Him to restore it. And then He will give you little instructions first for you to obey before bigger ones. This is—just one example, which could be your case or not.
          If you cannot trace it to any issues like sin or disobedience, the next step is to return to the fire of God’s presence, and His fire will re-ignite the gift. I want you to give yourself to spend quality time with God in prayer and in reading His Food. Spend hours in God’s presence, and the His presence will reawaken any dead gift. You can find articles like this on our website to help:

  2. I closed my eyes after lying down and within minutes I saw a green bush push through into my home; it had pick and green leaves of the same size. The colors were very rich looking. I just looked at it until it was gone. Wondering and seeking the Lord as what is the message. Any thoughts?

    1. Thanks for sharing that with me Regina. Interesting vision there. The first question as always is whether this is from the Lord or not. You are already doing the right thing to ask the Lord about it. This is my suggestions for the next steps. Look at the scripture and pick up all the verses that describe thins similar to the vision you saw. The scripture often uses Trees to refer to people and green leaves is a figure of flourishing.
      When you learn to look at the Bible for what the Lord shows you, the Spirit will meet you in the process and give you understanding.This is an important principle to get. Let me know what you find and if you have any further questions!

  3. Please advise me, I have been looking at things in a different way, speaking to people with wisdom beyond my understanding.
    Finding myself giving messages with my own knowledge and wondering why!!! I am a very prayerful person.
    But j have no one to help me understand my spiritual side and explain my preaching to people without even knowing I am going to do it.
    I need enlightenment please

    1. Hello Sasha. Thank you for sharing that experience with me. I am glad to learn you are prayerful person, and it helps puts things in context. What you have described is a perfect picture of what we can call spiritual influence or for short spirit. It means something outside of you is at work, giving you that knowledge, abilities or skills you are describing. It is clearly not you, meaning just your own spirit and disposition. As you are a believer and very prayerful, the chances are high that it is the operation of the Holy Spirit in your life and you probably just need to be taught and instructed on how to operate with Him and encourage His workings in your life. I use the word “chances” here because demonic spirits can influence people in the same manner. I have to keep it general as I do not know you and the only thing I know now is that you are a believer and a prayerful one which is good to begin with. The Lord has instructed us to be aware of other spirits. I experience the same things you have described, with knowledge and ability imparted to me by the Holy Spirit. By virtue of my walk with the Spirit, I know Him and have grown up to learn how to recognize Him and walk with Him. So the first steps is to self examine, and re-evaluate the messages you are receiving and what is happening to you to know if that is God or not. It is called discernment of spirits. One of the best things to realize as a Christian is the realizing that what has been happening to you is the Holy Spirit even though you did not know it. once you realize it, it makes you know what God is doing and you cooperate better with Him. Please take a moment to read this devotional very carefully on discerning of spirits and what you need to know and do.

      After reading it, please read the other devotionals under the tag “discernment of spirits” here

      It will be my pleasure to help guide you to recognize the Spirit and grow in whatever way the Spirit is using you. But first, since it is a new thing for you, you want to be sure that is the Spirit or not. I want you to first evaluate it yourself before someone else tells you. I will later ask you to know the details of the messages you are getting and the things you are doing and I can easily tell if that is the Holy Spirit or not. I would guarantee you that one of the pearls of prayer is the operation of the power of the Spirit in you, and as a prayerful person, you are just properly reaping the joys and enjoyments of the seeds of prayer you have sown and may not even know it yet! Feel free to get back to me once you read these devotionals and re-evaluate things for yourself as noted. You can use the Contact Us button to send me a direct email. Would be thrilled to hear what the Lord is doing through you!

    1. He will. He does it mainly by the Word as noted above or through the gifts of the Spirit. As you pray and study the Word, ask the Lord to open your eyes and He will.

  4. God showed me this morning a vision of a crocodile’s eyes that has that membrane closing the eyes, to protect it, yet cannot see through it. He told me ‘I am opening the membrane of your eyes so you can see’ … does this have a connotation to see the spiritual realm, or only have a word of knowledge, prophecy and wisdom? Please help me pray and understand what God is saying to me.

    1. Valerie. Thank you for sharing that experience with me. It is an exciting word that the Lord has spoken to you. You should be rejoicing and jumping! Yes, opening your eyes means you will begin to see into the realm of the spirit. Spiritual eye is the ability in us to perceive or know spiritual things, about God, spirit realm, demons or even people. Please take moment and listen to this teaching and read these devotionals on spiritual eyes and seeing to ensure you effectively cooperate fully with what the Lord is doing in your life

      Do not hesitate to get in touch with me if there are any more questions. Or to share with us the wonderful things God is doing in your life! Blessings

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