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How God Opens Our Spiritual Eyes 

Then the Lord opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way… (Numbers 22:31 KJV) 

Spiritual eyes showing a baby closing her eyes

The Lord showed me clearly that a significant aspect of the ministry He has given to me is to open the eyes of His people to see Jesus in the Word. Once Jesus is seen, the believer is transformed into Christlikeness and brought into the experience of His power and presence( 2 Cor. 3:18).

As a result of this ministry directive from the Lord, I have a particular interest in spiritual eyes. If you have not yet done so, please ensure you read the Deshen Daily titled “what are spiritual eyes?”. This devotional examines how God opens our spiritual eyes.

God opens our eyes through His two operational arms—the Holy Spirit and the Word. Opening our eyes means He enables us to perceive or experience spiritual realities; for example, in Numb. 22:31 above Balaam saw an angel standing before him after God opened his eyes.

When God gave us the Spirit, He opened our eyes to see and experience Him. After the Spirit comes into our hearts, He gives us gifts that open our eyes. First, He gives us understanding which is an eye in the Spirit to know God( Eph. 1:18). Second, the Spirit brings the spirit of prophecy, which opens our eyes to see visions as John did in the book of Revelation or Balaam in Num. 22:31 above.

Interestingly, the principal means by which the Spirit opens our spiritual eyes( especially the eye of understanding) is by the Word of God. Let this sink deep in your spirit—the Word of God opens our spiritual eyes(Ps. 119:130).

Therefore God opens our eyes through His Spirit and His Word, and the Spirit, in turn, opens our eyes through spiritual gifts and the Word.


What does it mean for God to open our spiritual eyes? 

Apply the Word

Vision or seeing is crucial in the realm of the Spirit. Put this devotional to work. Understand what is written in it, believe it, and press forward with it until it becomes a reality in your life.


Ask the Father to open your eyes right now to bring you into an intimate knowledge and fellowship with Him.

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1 year ago

I closed my eyes after lying down and within minutes I saw a green bush push through into my home; it had pick and green leaves of the same size. The colors were very rich looking. I just looked at it until it was gone. Wondering and seeking the Lord as what is the message. Any thoughts?

Last edited 1 year ago by Regina
2 years ago

Please advise me, I have been looking at things in a different way, speaking to people with wisdom beyond my understanding.
Finding myself giving messages with my own knowledge and wondering why!!! I am a very prayerful person.
But j have no one to help me understand my spiritual side and explain my preaching to people without even knowing I am going to do it.
I need enlightenment please

Derrick kapambwe
Derrick kapambwe
3 years ago

Please I really want God to open up my spiritual eyes I’m an evangelist

valeriehipal Hamann
3 years ago

God showed me this morning a vision of a crocodile’s eyes that has that membrane closing the eyes, to protect it, yet cannot see through it. He told me ‘I am opening the membrane of your eyes so you can see’ … does this have a connotation to see the spiritual realm, or only have a word of knowledge, prophecy and wisdom? Please help me pray and understand what God is saying to me.

Linda Casraiss
Linda Casraiss
4 years ago

Love this and the picture.

2 years ago
Reply to  Patrick Oben

I have been seeing small smal white and black shadows on my eyes , what does it mean plz