You are not just recreated but begotten

That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit (John 3:6, KJV)

Three days ago, we discussed the reality of the new creation in Christ. Let us take this one step further in today’s devotional. The new creation in Christ is much more than just another creature that was brought to existence by a divine act of creation.

When God created Adam, He made his spirit and body. Adam did NOT exist before. He was created and brought into being. A new living entity called man was then made upon the earth. When we receive Christ and become children of God, a new act of creation is again performed by God. However, there are some major differences, and the most significant of these is recorded for us in John 3:6 above.

We are not only created but born of God. Adam was created with a human spirit, and he was a natural and normal human being even before the fall. When God recreated us in Christ, He did not just create a new human being, but He begat us. The new creature that He created was imparted with the very nature of God Himself, which is His Spirit. Our human spirit was created and united with God’s Spirit as one( 1 Cor. 6:17). We are His children not only because we are new human life that He brought forth, which was same as Adam, we also carry His very nature.

Your greatest identity in Christianity is that you are a child of God. A full understanding of this truth that is so common is critical.  Since God’s Spirit is in you, your soul and body will one day become full expressions of the Spirit. The soul is being transformed now. The Spirit wants to fill your thoughts, emotions and will. I want you to imagine and be perplexed by  the meaning of what you just read. It means God wants you to have His thoughts, think as He thinks, feel as He feels, make decisions as He does. You are born of the Spirit, and meant to live by the Spirit. You are created from birth to be victorious over all circumstances. You are a child of God!


What is the difference between the new creation in Christ and the first creation of Adam?


I want the thought of the reality of what it means to be a child of God to fill your mind this day. You have the Spirit of God and your life is meant to be by the Spirit. You are meant to demonstrate the characteristics of the Spirit of God in the way you think, feel, make decisions, talk, etc. Imagine making decisions in life with the wisdom of God in your mind. What will your life look like? Imagine facing that mountain that is causing you to cry now with the power of God. What a life that will be! We have to grow up quickly in the faith for the time for the manifestations of the sons of God is truly here.


Thank the Lord for the riches of His grace poured out on us to be His children. 

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