Taking the Sword of the Spirit for spiritual warfare

And take the helmet of salvation, and the Sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God (Ephesians 6:17 KJV)

sword of the Spirit showing a sword

In the classic figure of a Roman soldier dressed for war given to us in Ephesians 6, Paul urges us to take the Sword of the Spirit  “which is the Word of God”. He immediately tells us that God’s Word acts as a sword, mainly in offense, to destroy the enemy. How do you take and use this Sword?

The most important truth to understand this mystery is to note that words that people speak are often referred to as swords in the Old Testament( Psalms 55:21). Has somebody ever spoken something to you, and it so deeply affected you as though someone had pierced your heart? Words can penetrate and affect our hearts and bring about destruction just as a physical sword.

This idea is then extended to the effect of God’s words on Satan and his host of demonic spirits. Paul says the Word of God is the Sword of the Spirit. It is what the Holy Spirit uses to destroy demonic activities in our lives. This is critical. Without the Word, the Spirit will not have a Sword to attack and destroy the enemy. How do we use that Sword?

The best illustration is from the Lord Himself. His temptation recorded in Matt 4:1-11. Each time Satan attacked Him, He spoke out the Word of God. When he opened His mouth and spoke, the Spirit wielded the Sword and struck a fatal blow on the enemy. Notice that the Word only began working as a Sword when Jesus declared it. What He said was already written down and Satan knew it. However, when Jesus opened His mouth as a Man and spoke those words out, the Spirit used those words to strike the enemy.

The Sword of the Spirit is not merely what is written in the Bible as text. It is not what the preacher preached on, which is on tape. It is the Word of God in your heart that you speak out in faith, just as we speak to the mountains, which the Spirit inspires and then uses. That means if you keep your mouth shut, the Spirit has no sword in the affairs of your life to destroy the activities of the enemy. It is mandatory you learn how to speak the Word of God out loud over circumstances.

I have written extensively on how Satan attacks us in prior devotionals. Whether he attacks you in your emotions with fear, depression or discouragement or through sorcery, the Word of the Spirit is equally effective. When Satan attacks you and you find yourself in a challenging situation, do not keep your mouth shut. Neither should you declare your fears. Open your mouth and speak the word out loud. You do not need to have someone there listening to you. There is  a host of evil spirits that are around us. They hear. And they are afraid of what you would say. They want us  to speak fear, hatred, bitterness so they will  use to have a feast on our life. Rather, speak the Word and strike them with the sword of the Spirit. 


What is the difference between what is written in your bible as text and what is called the Sword of the Spirit as mentioned above?


Learn to talk in the Spirit. I am serious. This is not some joke or pentecostal “name it claim it”. The words from your own mouth are vital in your spiritual battles. Watch your mouth, and speak to wield the Sword of the Spirit.


Ask the Spirit to help you become effective in using the Sword He gives you.  

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