The Spirit of Divination Coming into Church Circles

As we were going to the place of prayer, we were met by a slave girl who had a spirit of divination and brought her owners much gain by fortune-telling  (Acts 16:16 ESV)

The spirit of divination showing a woman practicing divination

Paul and Silas encountered an evil spirit in Philippi which is not only present today, but its activity is on the rise. It was the spirit of divination, a demonic spirit that was able to give people accurate secret information about their lives. This spirit had possessed a slave girl who followed Paul wherever he went.

If this girl were living in today’s world, many would call this ability  “word of knowledge,” a gift of the Spirit and elevate the girl to a prophetess. Then hundreds will run to the doors of her Church or ministry seeking “breakthroughs” and “solutions” to their ailments in life.

The spirit that possessed that girl is still well and alive today. The most distressing aspect of it all is that this spirit is no longer in fortune houses but is moving to churches. God is releasing mantles upon His children in this last days including higher dimensions of the prophetic ministry. However, Satan is also coming into the Church with fake ministers.

Your only hope is a reliable establishment on the Truth of the Word. There is no formula to test the spirit that you can learn from some seminary or Bible school. The Holy Spirit is your guide, and He guides you through the Truth. Too many believers are falling prey to false prophets or “men of God” because of their desperation for solutions copied with their inadequate knowledge of the Word and relationship with the Spirit.  We must be equipped not only to embrace the increasing anointing of the LORD in our midst in these last days but also to discern Satan at work within the Church.


What was this spirit of divination saying about Paul? ( See Acts 16:17). Was it correct? Why was Paul not deceived by this accurate demonic “word of knowledge”?


Are you confident and able to discern God in the ministries you come across? What is the level of truth in you? How sensitive are you to the Spirit? Prepare yourself and those around you. 


Ask the LORD to help you grow in discernment. 

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  1. I sent an email to Patrick showing that i received the Holy Spirit through baptism with the photo taken when i came out of the water have you received the email

    1. Hello John. Yes, I did receive your email and sent a reply to your email address already! It appears you might not have received it. Please also check your spam or junk mails. It was a beautiful picture to see as you came out of the water. I asked about the white hallo on your chest. Blessings

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