My Soul Followeth Hard After Thee

My soul followeth hard after thee: Thy right hand upholdeth me. (Psalm 63:8, KJV)

In our spiritual journey, God is always within reach for those who earnestly seek Him. However, a special dimension of God’s presence is reserved for the diligent pursuer, the true ‘God chaser.’ Let’s explore two intertwined aspects of this divine dynamic: God as the ultimate treasure and His followers as relentless seekers.

In the New Testament, Jesus vividly portrays this pursuit. He speaks of a layered approach to God: asking, seeking, and knocking (Matthew 7:7). This indicates that while some blessings are readily available, others require diligent seeking and persistent effort. Jesus further emphasizes that the treasures of the Kingdom are bestowed upon those who truly value them (Matthew 7:6).

The prophet Isaiah reveals another facet of this truth. In Isaiah 45:15-19, he describes God as one who, at times, ‘hides’ Himself. This isn’t a gesture of reluctance but an invitation to deeper exploration and intimacy. A fitting analogy is the natural process of discovery and effort in the most meaningful human relationships, where true value is recognized and cherished through dedicated pursuit.

God chasers are those who, driven by an insatiable hunger for the Father, overcome personal limitations and environmental challenges. The Hebrew verb for “follows hard” exemplifies them, which connotes a determined pursuit. While God initially reaches out to humanity, exemplified in Jesus’ mission, He also invites us to reciprocate this pursuit.

For those who answer this call, the reward is profound: an experience of God’s presence and power in the innermost court. This reward isn’t merely for the hereafter; it’s a tangible, present reality for those who choose to chase after God with all their heart.


Consider your spiritual life: Are you actively pursuing God or passively waiting for Him to draw near?

Apply the Word

Each act of dedication, whether it’s delving into the Word, sacrificing sleep for prayer, or choosing righteousness over sin, is a step toward pursuing God. Embrace these moments as opportunities to chase after Him.


Ask the Father to instill in you a heart that relentlessly seeks Him. Pray that He would grant me the strength and passion to follow hard after You in all aspects of my life.

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