Moving higher from glory to glory this year

But the path of the just is as the shining light, That shineth more and more unto the perfect day (Proverbs 4:18, KJV)

I want you to picture the astonishing figure God uses to describe your life in the verse above. It might be easier to dramatize it for you to catch the picture. Imagine you get up in the morning and see the dim rays of the rising sun. Initially, it is so dim   you can barely see its rays. As the morning progresses, the brightness increases, and by mid day, the full brightness or glory of the sun is out. God says that is how your life looks like as a believer in Christ. You are created to be like that sun, shining brighter and brighter until there comes the point where the whole earth is full of the brightness of God’s glory in your life!

What does this mean practically? When God says you are shining like the sun, what is He talking about? Light in this context is the glory of God. In summary, the glory of God in your life that shines as light is the visible manifestations of God’s presence or power. Let me use an example. All of you reading this devotional right now are experiencing a degree of the joy of the Lord in your life. Others are experiencing and expressing a certain degree of God’s wisdom and power. And in fact, some of you are experiencing a certain degree of divine health or even financial abundance. The degree to which you are currently experiencing and expressing the divine life, His presence, power, and wisdom, is the degree of glory you are living in. Some of you are like the noonday sun, full of glory while others are like the early morning sun, still barely seen. 

It is not difficult to know the degree of glory you are living in. You can test it in any part of your life. Do you see God manifesting in your health? Are your finances demonstrating the wisdom and the riches of God? When the Jews heard Jesus, they were stunned by the wisdom they heard from Him. They saw God’s wisdom in Him. They saw the glory of God! God wants people to see Him in you in the same way! He wants people around you to watch the way you love others and see God without reading the Bible or listening to a sermon. 

There are levels of glory ahead of us? Maybe on an arbitary scale of 1 to 10, some of you are in 1 in some areas and 2 in others. The Lord is saying to you that there are higher levels of glory. Maybe you are a 2 in your spiritual life, health, ministry, etc and  God is saying there is a 4, 5 and 6 and even 7, 8, and more! Why would you continue to live as a Christian without the practical experience of His power or presence? Or maybe you attended a revival service with a 2 degree level of glory, and you think that is all there is. God is saying to you, son, daughter, there are higher levels of glory destined for you. Resolve within yourself that this year will not end with you in the same degree of glory as you started in January, whether in your walk with the Lord, ministry, family, finances, health, etc. Remember, God wants YOU to be a visible MANNIFESTION of Him here on the earth! This is what Jesus has done for us, hallelujah!


Stop for a second and think… what is the degree of glory you think you are walking in right now? Do you know God’s presence? Do you know His power? Have you tasted God’s provision and prosperity? Do you know what divine healing and health are? Etc. Are you walking in the glory??


The degree of glory you will walk in NOW is not God’s choice. It is yours. The key to the glory is what I repeatedly share on Glory & Grace Daily devotionals. Invest in your spiritual life. I feel really sad for so many believers who keep telling me they want to see the glory of God or they are struggling with this or that in their lives but they DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR GOD. I have said this before and will repeat it here. If you pray one minute a day, God will still love, but you will walk in one minute glory. If the Word of God dwelling in you is the only Word  you got from the devotional you read in the bus  for 30 seconds, you will walk in 30 seconds glory. We reap whatever we sow. Make up your mind to be satisfied with nothing other than the fullness of God’s glory this year, not even good Church services!


Ask the Spirit of the Lord to help you move from glory to glory this year. 

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