Reshaping Your Phronema

For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace (Rom. 8:6 KJV)

renewing your phronema showing a porter moulding clay

Phronema is the Greek word in the text above that is translated by “minded.” It means mindset. A  remarkable insight in this text is the relationship between our phronema in life and the outcomes we get. A carnal mindset is death— in your health, finances, relationships, etc. and a spiritual mindset is life and peace.

Phronema  is not just pre-occupation on a particular thought. This means it is not a matter of your dwelling or thinking about something continually. Your mindset is not about the amount of time you spent thinking about a particular thought. It is the WAY you think, that is, the pattern of the specific thoughts themselves. Phronema is a continual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you interpret events in your life and ultimately how your respond. This mental attitude determines what your life will turn out to be.

This  truth is crucial for victorious living. The scripture above is beyond the concept of positive thinking. It is about having a spiritual outlook on life, seeing the world through God’s lenses. What is your way of thinking about finances? What about health and healing? What about relationships? Many of us are not aware of the signifiant impact of our way of thinking on our daily experiences. God wants you to have a spiritual phronema, that sees life through His eyes and ultimately gets the results He produces.


Reshaping your phronema in life begins with the Word of God and developing an attitude of thinking God’s thoughts. Take a moment to ponder and mutter the verse above.


Ignorance is a deadly enemy. The same is true with our phronema. Many of us are just not aware of the carnality of our phronema. We might not even know that we have a problem with our mindset. Start by thinking about HOW you think and compare that to God’s thoughts in the Word.


Ask the LORD to help you reshape your phronema. 

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