Christlikeness is the goal of spiritual maturity

But speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him, who is the head, even Christ (Ephesians 4:15 NAS).

The Lord wants us to become spiritually mature believers. The blessings of our new life in Christ are enjoyed by those who are mature in the faith. It will take a mature, full-grown church to fulfill the purpose of Christ on the earth.

Spiritual growth is not measured by the quality or even quantity of spiritual activity. We are not spiritually mature because we know how to pray profound prayers, or because we have a firm foundation in Scripture. In fact, not even the duration of our Christian walk, or position of leadership, is a measure of our spiritual growth and maturity. The scripture above gives us the end goal of all Christian growth: Christlikeness. As believers, we have been created to be just as Christ. It is our duty to mold our outward life, personality, and character into the image of Christ. Jesus wants people to see Him when they watch you. Let us “grow up in all aspects into Him.”


The Word is the food to feed your spirit into Christlikeness. Mutter the verse above and say to yourself, “I am growing up in all aspects into Him, in my words and actions.”


Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to those aspects in your life that need to be yielded to Him before you can fully be what He wants you to be.


Spiritual maturity is not the direct product of a man’s efforts. It is the work of the Holy Spirit via the Word, facilitated by you and the peopl God places in your life. You surrender to His control so that He may mold you into His image. You surrender to Him because you love Him. Surrender to the control of His Word today; allow Him control how you speak and act. How does your behavior compare to that of Jesus? That is your current level of spiritual maturity. Take a step forward and become more and more like Him!

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