The wisdom problem

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding” (Prov. 4:7 KJV).

I have often thought that if I had more power or ability, most of my problems would be solved. The study of the Word has taught me otherwise. Imagine this scenario: You get to your home and cannot find the key to the front door. Power could allow you to break the door and get inside. Wisdom would have you call your wife or sibling to see if they are around to give you their key. Both scenarios will get you in, but which would you prefer?

Many of us try too hard and use too much force to do those things that would be better served by wisdom. Wisdom, not power, is at the heart of man’s most pressing problems in life. Wisdom is the principle thing, whether in your ministry, family, relationships, finances, etc. Have you ever met a minister who was gifted with tremendous power and anointing but who lacked spiritual wisdom? Or do you know of any talented athletes who lack character? Power is very important, but it never takes the place of wisdom. A simple definition of wisdom for us is walking in God’s Word. Go in search of wisdom this year.


Why is God saying to you today that wisdom is the principal thing in that difficult situation you are in now?


The way of wisdom is the way of the Word. Start seeking divine guidance today for whatever you want to do. Learn to think with God, and do not be hasty and rush into speaking or acting. You might think you need power for that breakthrough. You might be mistaken. Maybe you just need to know the way out of it by wisdom. Stop and ask the Lord for wisdom today in that situation.


Ask the Lord to open your mind and heart to understand wisdom and to know how to live prudently.

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