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Two Types of Hearers

“Therefore take heed how you hear.” (Lk. 8:18 NKJ.)

We all constantly hear the Word of God as believers. However, the manner in which we hear that Word will determine what will happen to our lives. Jesus made this statement: “Take heed how you hear.” God is concerned about the attention we pay to ensuring we understand. Many circular books have been written to teach people how to listen, because we often struggle with listening to others. However, there is a greater challenge than just listening.

James 1:22 says “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” He identifies two types of hearers in this verse. The first are those he calls “doers of the word” and the second are “hearers only.” A doer is someone who hears the Word of God and does what it says. Hearers only hear the Word and do not do what it says. This is one of the greatest crises in the Body of Christ.

Hearers might listen to the Word, understand what it says, cheer up the preacher, and even tell others how great the sermon was. But they do not do what the Word actually said. It takes doing the Word to see the blessing of God. Those who only hear will never walk in the blessing of God. There is a prize for being a hearer only.

Resolve in your mind to be a doer of the Word, whether it is something very easy that you do not like or whether it is something that requires a personal sacrifice. Make a habit of doing what God says, and start living under an open heaven with the blessing of the Lord and finding success in everything you do.


How do you hear? Take a moment to think with the Spirit.


How can you put the Word of God to work today? What has the Lord told you to do?


Ask the Lord to open your understanding to this truth.

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