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For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God. (Romans 8:14 )

One of the goodies of heaven given to every believer that sets us apart for success in every aspect from the very start is the leadership of the Holy Spirit. In fact, the verse above goes further to state that being led by the Spirit is a trait of the sons of God. In essence, to be led by the Spirit means the Spirit goes ahead of you and you follow. In our world today, when we hear of following someone, Twitter immediately comes to mind. However, the best natural illustration is that of a shepherd who goes in front of his sheep and leads them to wherever he wants.

God has given us the Spirit to lead us to the destiny He has designed for us. Learning to follow the leading of the Spirit is not an optional skill. Neither is it reserved for ministers. It is your birthright as a child of God but also a critical skill to grow in if we will have to live a victorious Christian life. There is so much going on around us now, from within the church to the world, that we dare not attempt to depend on our reasoning or strength.

The Wisdom that created the universe is here to lead us. We should learn to follow Him, whether it is at home, work, school, church, business meeting, streets or church service.

Followers inside will be victorious leaders outside in every aspect of life.


Ponder on the words of the verse above. The Spirit leads. We follow.

Are you conscious of the leading of the Holy Spirit? Ever intentionally waited for His direction on an issue?


Ask the Lord to make you a follower of the Spirit today.

Do you have some specific tasks to be accomplished today? Why not start putting God’s word into practice by learning to sense and heed the leadership of the Spirit.

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